My Editor Dean and I

We’re flying around the city; I like how he drives.

Beautiful, eh?  Cherry blossom trees.  That I can’t believe are flowering in February. Vancouver is Shangrila-ish. 

Me Tonight

Dinner Tonight

Winnie’s here with her cousin, Kelvin.  Thanks for dinner, dude.

Me: Why did you hide your face?
Winnie: No photos
Me: Phft, I’m just gonna link you up then

Then across the room I saw some guys waving at me and mouthing something… huh? Still not getting it?  Oh “hockey”.  It was my new pals from my pickup hockey game on Sunday, hi guys!

Filming at the Bell Ice Cube

The one you’ve probably seen on TV.
[insert screenshots here, when I plug in my camera]

Today’s film crew:


And a big thank-you to Bell Media Jeff because out of nowhere he handed me a pair of… hockey tickets!!

On February 20th we’re going to the UBC Thunderbird Arena to see a Women’s Hockey and I’M SO EXICTED I am actually going attending an Olympic event.  

This Bicycle is Giant

Ep. #8 – Looking to Celebrate our First Gold

The wait is over, we’ve achieved a Gold Medal at our own Games for the first time ever!  I figured the streets would be losing their minds so I took to them to lose mine too, but it was bigger in my head. 

Here’s what I found instead.

Also, voice over work is my nemesis. 

Where Today’s Episode Came From

I’m in the International Media Centre at Robson Square.

There’s this one room in which I invented a little thing to film, but it was too busy today, soon soon. 

Today’s Article – We’re Pumped

With the ceremonies behind us, I wondered if the level of excitement had decreased, so I conducted a survery and found people are still pumped.

Winning medals has helped, including our first ever gold on our own soil, Bilodeau will go down in history books for that, but my fave part of his story is his inspiration; his brother.

You must have a pure heart to say and do such a thing and maybe it’s jinxy of me, but I believe life rewards such sentiments, and that helped him to the podium. 

Vancouver 24 Hours

En Route to Robson Square

Running Over to the Victory Ceremony

I wanna be around when we get our first ever Gold medal on our own soil because people are gonna lose their minds, YES CANADA!