Today’s Article – We’re Pumped

Meet some of Canada’s biggest sports journalists today: Steve Buffery, Steve Simmonds and David Langford.

They’re calmer than me about this whole Olympic experience.  

For the first time Canada is aggressively going after the podium, and we excel at the new sports – such as ski cross – because we’re early-adopters.  Email me or yell hi when you see me on the street!  

Vancouver 24 Hours 

Morning Routine

Open eyes, walk out door, get coffee, read paper.  I’m gonna miss this.

Yesterday I learned that turns out I’m writing for BC’s third largest newspaper, what?! Bigger than The Globe, the National Post, omg.

I’m gonna miss this routine. 

My Newest Hair Invention

Ep. #10 – Chatting with Steve Simmons

Maybe Sun Media’s oldest sports writiers Stve’s the one they call first to cover the Olympics… this is his 13th, I KNOW eh.  I like this marathon metaphor.
Today is his birthday… Happy Birthday Steve, may all your dreams come true.

(note: I didn’t edit this, Mark did for me and OMG, handing over footage then “Keri, wanna see?” and it’s done come ON.  Second time I’ve had editing help and like I said before: it’s like crack and I want more). 

Me Today

Two Quick Blog Things

1 – Something’s wrong with my date thing, below “Dinner Tonight” and after should be the 16th, not the 17th, will get that figured out

2 – I’ve noticed that with my new commenting system no one leaves comments anymore!  Do you dislike it?  Want me to weigh in?  Please advise.

Where Today’s Episode Came From

Every other day I’ve been by myself in the media centre, but today I worked in room with all the Sun Media Sports guys.  More fun.  

Of course my boot kicked those cords and knocked David off his long distance phone call, sorry dude.

Ep. #9 – Chatting with Steve Buffery

Steve Buffery on of Canada’s veteran sports writers, this is his 8th Olympics what?!

We talked figure skating, told jokes and I love how we’re aggressively going after the podium this time around.

Welcome to the internet, Steve! 

Today’s Article – In Rhythm

The Games are positive, infectious and fun.  I have a handle on the SkyTrain (it’s not a subway) and am synced with the rhythm here.

Time to leap to the next level, time to expand beyond downtown, down to the Oval, take the boats you Vancouverites treat like buses (so neat), and how could i not visit Stanley Park and see trees wider than I am tall.

What else should not be missed?  Email me Keri@.

Vancouver 24 Hours

Maelle Ricker Press Conference Today

Congratulations, lady!  A Gold for the girls.  She’s eloquent in both languages.


Then some dignitaries climbed on stage… left to right that’s Maelle, not sure, BC Premiere Gordon Campbell and Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson.
The Mayor wears Roberto Loungo on his jersey, and check out that guy’s microphone, fluffy eh?  I prefer my screwdriver.