Today’s Article – I Now Sea Why

Time is going too fast, and despite squishing a lot into each day, there’s still much to do.  And it’s bugging me.

Saturday I took in my first ever hockey game, and I’m hooked.  It was a women’s qualifying game and it was awesome.  

Yesterday I was a classic Vancouverite and walked the seawall ending up at the cauldron and sorry, but it’s more stunning in person.  

By the way, crocuses, beach volleyball and snow-topped mountains all together – your city has gotten under my skin. 

Vanouver 24 Hours

Hi hi

Sorry my blog is behind, gotta lot going on, I have lots of updates to add just trying to find the time to put them live.  Thanks for your patience.

My First Ever Hockey Game

The Bell Cube gave me tickets last week, thanks again Jeff.  Because now I am officially hooked on the game.

It was Russian VS Latvia’s Women’s Qualifying, intense:

And apparently watching the men is that much more intense plus they get to body check.  Want to see.

How to Get Cheap Olympic Tickets

1 – wait till 10 minutes after the event starts
2 – find a guy on the street yelling “tickets”
3 – throw out a ridiculously low number, at this point they are out money and want to recoup
4 – expect to pay like,  75% less than the face value

Common sense stuff, eh.  

I have video of me telling you all this but doubt I’ll edit it, Scott and I were laughing too hard because I kept forgetting everything I was supposed to be saying.

Ep. #13 – Exploring the O Zone

If you can’t make it downtwon but want to celebrate the Games out in Richmond, here’s where you go:

Also the site of the fabled Heineken House where a party so big happens each night it’s got a cult following in under a week.

Those are D’uh Hockey Guys, ten feet of fun. 

This is How Explorers Stand

Took the Train Downtown

Meet my co-workers, that’s Mark on the left and Hosea on the right.  Both are reporters and both were jealous when on the Skytrain a cop gave me a rare pin that lights up.  

I might be the only person here not collecting Olympic pins. 

Ep. #12 – What Happened After Our Hockey Win

Last night our Canadian Men’s hockey team defeated the Swiss, and downtown afterwards here’s what ensued.

Today’s Article – In Our Defence

We’re taking heat in the international press for the Games being “a disorganized Olympics”; I disagree.

I’m not saying gloss over everything because it’s Canada, but rather because I don’t see it.  

Executing an event of this magnitude reqires a ridiculous amount of details, logistics, and the like.  Think about the last dinner party you threw and times that by a billion.  

Some things are going to go awry – how could they not – but if you were to judge these Games based on a smile-o-metre, then it’s a success.

Vancouver 24 Hours 

Ep. #11 – Chatting with David Langford

David Langford is the National Sports Editor for Sun Media, and we talked about the Games in the heart of Robson Square.  

Great work amalgomating it all dude, and have fun at your much deserved party tonight!