Thanks For All the Blog Comments

I’m sorry I’ve not yet responded, my whole blog is behind, that’s all.  

I’ve got all the stuff to go on it for each day and will put it up when I get back home next week.  

Ep. #18 – Sleeping on Jericho Beach?

It didn’t turn out to be true, but what a landscape eh?  This is why everyone moves here; few people are born and raised here, that’s a fact.

It’s a very young city eh, 60 years is considered old here.

Today’s Article – Moments

My fave Vancouver things:

Everyone gives high-fives.  I don’t know if it’s on account of the Games, but locals too have initiated a flurry of them.  Things can’t be bad if one is being exchanged.

The city smells of fitness and it rubs off on you.  That would be good for me.  Maybe I’d learn to like fruit here.

Your transportation system runs on the honour system.  Enough said.

It would be the furthest place away from where I’ve always lived.  Hitting the big reset button is sometimes good for you.

Vancouver 24 Hours 

Ep. #17 – Celebrating the Olympics Through Dance

SpandyAndy is a Vancouver celebrity, and we got together to celebrate the Olympics through dance. 

He’s a positive and exuberant guy who, “comes out everyday and tries his best to put smiles on people’s faces”, and judging by the mob that surrounded him afterwards, he’s succeeding.  Because what you see is genuine.

Loved our time together dude, and look forward to seeing you make it big. 

Today’s Article – Didn’t Exist

My column wasn’t in today’s paper.

Ep. #16 – Exploring Whistler Village


It’s like a movie set here at Whistler Village, all shiny and lined up.  I’ve also noted a new theme here at the Games is people photobombing my shots… love it.

And that I held a Gold medal, O M G.  

Today’s Article – Hi from Whistler

I escaped the city, ending up on an Alberta train yesterday, handed event tickets and given an excellent hat, which I wore all day.  

It was the last round of women’s biathlon.  It’s how they can lower their heart rate at shooting time that gets me.  Certainly there’s training, but it’s a wild level of concentration.  

And the size of the ski jump just doesn’t translate to TV.  The athletes wake up and think, yup, I’m doing to hurdle down that at 100km/h”. OMG.

Vancouver 24 Hours

Ep. #15 – Exploring the Alberta Train

How I was lucky enough to ride Canada’s nicest train, the ‘Alberta Train’ by Rocky Mountaineer, I don’t know, nor how chef’s Brad Smoliak and Steve Buzak put out 5 star meals on a moving vehicle.

And what a way to see such a landscape, which I’ve never seen; Canada is gorgeous, eh. 

Thank you sincerely, Alberta Train, for a fantastic experience and being genuinely kind.  And the sick hat.

Today’s Article – Brace Yourself, The End is Nigh

Are you tired of the Olympics yet, Vancouver?  Not gonna lie, between the over-stimulation, lineups and crowds I had a twinge this weekend.

in preparing to come here I’ve been laser-beam focused, but that’s nothing compared to your last four years.

The billboards and TV ads, the construction… many of you have told me “the build up has been forever and we just want to get on with it.”

You know what occurred to me though?  There’s this thing that happens to event planners… when their function finishes they become depressed because the lead-up is fast and intense, then a high during the actual event – and then nothing.  That’s when the blues kick in.  

So I’m concerned that, as a city,. this might happen.  Hope I’m wrong, but if it does and you need a laugh you can watch me doing something online, that’s guaranteed.

Vancouver 24 Hours 

Ep. #14 – Exploring the Seawall

Everyone kept telling me I had to walk the Seawall before leaving, so I did. 

It’s not so much a wall than a two lane pedestrian path, and I walked it around to the Cauldron because you can’t not see that in person.  It’s very luminous.

Thanks for being my producer today, Mary, you’re the best at it I’ve had.