The CDN Geese in the Eaton Centre

You know, the ones hanging by artist Michael Snow.  See a better photo here.

Fun Fact: in 1981 the Eaton Centre tied red ribbons around their necks for the holiday season.  Mr. Snow was like, “ahhh no, that compromises the integrity of my work, this distortion is not okay”.  

So they fought each other all the way up to the Ontario High Court of Justice, which agreed with the artist, and so Canada’s Copyright Act was changed to say you couldn’t just alter an artist’s work even after you bought and owned it.  Read more about it all here.

My ‘Samsung Mobile Explorers’ Contest Entry

Voting is now closed, click here to see how I placed… 5th!!

Samsung is the ‘Official Mobile Olympic Partner’ with their new phone, the OMNIA II.  So they are hosting a contest to send 5 teams of 2 out to Vancouver for 3 weeks to report for them, and come ON how perfect a fit is this?! 

Above is my video entry… and HEY SAMSUNG PEOPLE!  I’m the team you want, what your rules asked us to do in our entries is what I’ve been doing for yearsss, Mike too (that’s my team, Mike and I, ‘The CDN Explorers’).

And also Samsungclick here to meet me in 18 seconds when I sum it up for you, in song, click here for maybe my favourite episode, “Exploring the CDN Navy”, and here for the ‘Blog Party’ video I’m referencing in my entry.

And here’s the TwitVid from the video.


Studio Wash

Screenshots from Editing

On the left, how’s that for a classic Toronto shot? 

Below I’m at Bay and Adelaide, heart of Canada’s financial district.  I edited out the part where I said, “phft, I’m way more type A then these Bay Street guys”, even though I probably am.


First Day Wearing my Winter Coat

Nothing is Working Today

Filming what I have to, with my green screen, is tanking so bad.  

Maybe that’s why the big actor names get paid the big bucks.  But mostly I think it’s like hush money, paid to be quiet about how much money the studios actually make worldwide.

Also I got into some trouble today, nothing I can’t fix by noon tomorrow and it could’ve been far worse and it wasn’t, so lucky, but still.  The end. 

Using a Green Screen

Final Cut Pro makes it pretty easy… make sure to add a green gradient background in, really makes a difference.  My screen is just an Ikea blanket.

The key is the sit further away from the screen then you think, and make sure the subject (you) have your own light. 

Green Screen is Tougher than I Thought

This giant shadow is killing me.

It makes it all pixelized.

I’m ethereal.

Now I’m a ghost.

At 4pm Today…

… I had an excellent 13 minute phone conversation.  That is all about that.

Unrelated, I said no to a box at the Raptor’s game tonight to instead stay in and beat the green screen.  Game on.

My First Green Screen Video Ever