Just Some Things

– a studio milestone, and that number is in miles (more about that here)

– each hour on the hour the CN Tower does a little light show.  Unrelated, see me as a Toronto Unicorn here

Lise Watier makes this lip balm specifically for Canadians I discovered last night.  Oh how I’d like to be sponsored by that company… it’s 100% CDN, founded and run by a lady, who has an Order of Canada (I want one too, I’d wear it everyday) (see one close up here)

This Snowman is Giant

Contest Update… 5th Place!

Thank you very much to everyone who helped me out, I appreciate you.

Okay SO.  Here’s what happened…

– I upload my entry Friday night.  It goes live yesterday afternoon at 3pm

– the troops mobilize

– things really take off and tada! LOOK

5th PLACE!  According to this I’ve made it to the finals YES.

See the results here: Samsung.com/vancouver2010 

I celebrated last night with a Happy Meal. 

People Find This Funny

I just don’t see the big deal, but when someone saw this yesterday they jacknifed, so here ya go.

My oven:

My microwave:

That bowl in the back is full of my lucky pennies, read my theory about that here

And my printing on the left is what I took a photo of to make the header for this site, look up.

I Forgot How Much I Love The PATH at Night

You know, The PATH – the largest underground shopping complex in the whole world (27km).  

I think I forgot because I always walked outside but now that it’s cold I went back underground.  It was just me everywhere by myself.  Reminds me of this book I was obsessed with as a kid, Secrets of the Shopping Mall

There’s some great stuff to be seen down there:

I’d like to be a Lego sculpture.  

And remember those things on the right, Beanie Babies, and when they took over the world in the 90s?  I still think they’re dumb.

I love the Claw Game so much, and look, I posed it so it looks like I’m winning myself.

Watch me play in the episode, “Exploring the CNE”.

How to Wipe Your Blackberry

Before I send this thing back I wiped it clean (spies do that).

Here’s how to, too:

Go to Options > Security Options > General Settings > Menu Key > Wipe Handheld > Continue > follow instructions. 

Did Some Holiday Reconnaissance

I’m going to have a couple days to do not much and think one day I’ll spend at the Royal York reading.

The new Andy McNab book is coming out on the 22nd and, despite my bad review of his last one, I’ll totally buy it the day it comes out.  Heart him forever. 

That’s a gingerbread version of the hotel, and the Library Bar is where I think I’ll spend the day.

That’s Julius’ shop, one of the world’s best makers of pipes.  Meet him in an episode here.

I think I’ll go visit him soon, he’s adorable. 

Me Today

Here’s the Link to Vote!

Click HERE, vote 5 stars and help get me to the Olympics.  Thank you!


Putting together my replacement BB.

Oh YES I can tweet from my phone again #snnnap

¾ ☺ ☑ Ξ ☂ So _this_ is how you guys have been adding symbols #UberTwitter

This tweet is NOT from web HA. Night.