A Surprise in my Email

This afternoon I recieved instructions to go to The Drake to pick up an Xmas present OMG, and thank you S 🙂

Let’s Do Some Hair Tests

First push it to the side.

How about with my hat?  This is important.

Now the biggest test of all: can I still make my beloved ponytail?  Is it all up there?

Ohhh snap. 

Welcome to Toronto, Torch

How cool is _this_?!  And did you know it’s the longest torch run ever in the history of the world?  45,000km.

Each torch carrier is given the option to buy theirs for $371.  I think it’s sad some are selling theirs on eBay. That and people protested the thing, what?!  How you can find something negative in the Torch must take serious energy.

I took Greg with me; we met downtown and he gave me an excellent t-shirt he’d made which I’ll show you tomorrow.  Then over to Nathan Phillips Square.

I hadn’t been home since the morning so ya, I was the dickhead with sunglasses on her head during the nighttime.

We got up right against the barrier to the red carpet it ran down, this was my view up front with the kids (pays to be little sometimes).

Then I was interviewed by Global TV about it all.

That’s a screenshot from their site.

They came out of nowhere, shone a light in my face and asked how the torch made me feel.  Only reason I know it was for Global was because I eye raped the cameraman after looking for a name tag.  

I heard the footage was aired at 11:30pm last night and have some calls in to see if I can get a copy to put here.

My New Haircut

How I described what I wanted to Brennen: everything the exact same length, like a Playmobil person.

Here’s how much was cut off, 5 inches:

I saved that.  Might mail it to someone.  

Bye Bye Ponytail

Off to get my haircut to my chin probably.  

#HoHoTO Tonight

Congratulations HoHoTO because over $50k was raised for the Daily Food Bank, woah I know.

Here’s what the party looked like: dark, loud and packed, as a good party should.

Great meeting so many of you IRL!  Click here for @Photojunkie’s photo booth pics.

Party Outfit

Me Today

My coat is a natural disguise #SpySkills.

Get one too: CanadaGoose.com

A Successful Lunch

Sorry for being vague, but I just don’t want to jinx it.

Here’s a clue though: this is my lunch associate.

Me Today

I’m a happy explorer today.  

Also, broke out my winter boots.  But it’s not yet time for this pair.