Images of Canada

From top left clockwise:

– my favourite Google theme (and the Tetris one)

– text from an old file of thoughts I found while backing up files

Frank Albo’s book, The Hermetic Code.  The Premier of Manitoba calls Frank, Canada’s Dan Brown.

He says the Legislative building is the most detailed Masonic building in the world, where parts of King Solomon’s temple has been recreated and it’s the world’s biggest temple dedicated to the Greek God Hermes. is one of our largest news (and independent) media websites, and look what I just disovered it’s called come on

To-Be-Finished ‘Season 1’ Videos

To Add Voiceover

– waterfall capital of the world (Hamilton)
– the Bad Lands
– oldest baseball field in the world (London)
– the Toronto Star

To Edit

– talking with CDN hockey legends 
– exploring a hell hole
– Eldon and his art
– the closing show for fashion

   45 Episodes in Total for Season 1

that is XXXX total minutes [will add that later] 


Came home, watched two movies without moving (Hot Rod / 40 Year Old Virgin), plotted out the rest of 2009 and Season 1, made notes of an Olympic backup plan which this afternoon I put in place for tomorrow afternoon.  

Found out I didn’t win the Samsung Mobile Explorer competition.

Did win another contest today though, thanks for lunch Freshii! Follow @Freshii on Twitter, and you could win too.

Me Today

My Computer Crashed

Look what it’s doing:

This is dire, no dramatics.

Dinner Tonight

Big cackling at Terroni by Jody and I.  Oddly I was here on today last year.  That’s the fun of having a blog.

Tweeted a celebrity sighting.  And hi Christopher!

My Latest Invention

This text, this is me with bangs:


That’s me!

Great Shirt, Eh?!

Greg made it for me, thank you!  He gave me three before we went to see the Torch.

It’s in his graffiti style, look:

Big points for signing your full legal name to your stuff, dude.

Lunch with Jody

We went to Easy Restaurant where they put toy soldiers in your breakfast, except that particular meal comes with fruit so I never get to get it.

Then we cackled our way up and down Queen East and I finally visited Conspiracy Culture.  This is me there, sending this tweet, about a place down the street.

I used to be really into conspiracy theories, like, I could talk with you about tons of them, but I had to quit cold turkey years ago, they were making me crazy.  Not like, haha I’m crazy! like oh no, this is now negatively affecting every aspect of my head. 

One of the ones I still keep up on is remote viewing wait, think I did a book review last year about that hang on….. yup, here it is.

Followed the Torch to Brampton

How very iconic is this!?!

The energy at these torch events is amazing… it’s just like, pure.  The Olympic Torch officially “symbolizes the principles of peace, brotherhood and friendship” and yup, I’ll attest to that.

I chatted with 2 of the Torchbearers; there are 12,000 in total to get it around the country.  

That’s Steve on the left, he carried it up on stage.  Neither of them said they were nervous. I’d have been… I’d probably get too excited, spaz out and accidently burn something down.

Thanks for inviting me tonight, Shawn.

Learn more about the Torch here.