It’s gonna be a great year for us, I know it.

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The Right ‘Last Lunch of 09’

Casie, Tony and I talked blogs all lunch.

Then we all blogged the lunch.

Here’s Casie’s   here’s Tony’s.

Neat place, eh?

It’s Aunties and Uncles since 1998, and definitely go… quality for $10ish, sick atmosphere but don’t wear anything that needs drycleaning because it’s really busy so a lot of cooking and steam is happening.

Then we walked the long way home laughing.

Tony Pierce is a veteran and big-deal-blogger… his blog is 9 years old, he blogged his way to A CAR (hey Tony my studio is my car) and now runs the LA Times blog everything.  I know. 

Here’s the story of how he did that in a post he just put up.  

Thanks for taking the time today, Tony, what a motivating way to kick off a new blog year.  

Oil Change

Meet Joe at my CDN Tire Pit Stop, he can change a headlight faster than anyone there because he can collapse his hand like an octopus.

Soon the whole pit crew’ll be on my blog, click here for all my visits.  Every 5,000 km don’t forget, your car’ll need it.

Below is my old headlight bulb, it’s OEM and exactly why VW FTW every time forever.

It’s Been Nice…

… taking a little break from my blog.

Back to regularly scheduled programming real soon.

Kay One More Merry Xmas Wish to You xo

Me Today

Happy Holidays, Canada!

May 2010 be your best year by far ever. 

Behind-The-Scenes of the Holiday Video

That’s a little guy made of bone holding up my iPod fire, and that’s how I have to review the footage because my tripod is broken which is also why it’s on top of my stove.

I screwed up this green screen effort in so many ways.  Above is why there is no background in the video.

Me Today

Can You Guess Where I Am?

When I told you yesterday I’d put in place a backup get-to-the-Olympics plan for this afternoon, this is where I wound up.

I’ve alluded to this place a couple times, just don’t wanna jinx by saying the location.  But, you know it.

Then when walking by the makeup area in The Bay, I had some forsight:

Me: Hi, can you please make the dark circles under my eyes go away?  I have to be on camera soon.
Katie: Sure.  What are you filming?
Me: My holiday message for my internet show
Katie: What will you say?
Me: Oh, well, you know, happy holidays
Katie: ….. is that how you’re gonna say it?
Us: [cackling]