Party Outfit Secured

Look how late I left getting it; last party task on my list.  

It’s from Aritzia because no matter you can go there and find something simple and classy.

I have an outfit change prepared too, this dress from the other day.  And see, they’re both blue, that’s good continuity.

Blog Party Update

Hi Everyone!

Doors Open 6:30pm

And then…

7:15 – A Screening: “The Episode that Wraps Up Season 1 and Kicks Off 2” 

There’s prizes, including a Blackberry Pearl*; just got word.  Maybe that’ll ease the news that did you know you can’t just give away beer it’s illegal?  Sorry about that, there will be no keg.  Did I mention the Pearl 😉

Where: The Reservoir Lounge – 52 Wellington Street East, 416-955-0887 (west of Church, across from the Flat Iron Building)

There’ll be small things to eat, and come especially thirsty because the Reservoir has been great to me.

See you tomorrow!


* ty sg cd 

I Have Tasted Crack and I Want More Now

I’ve never had editing help, and now all I want in life is more of it.  

Alex (click here to meet him) really came through for me tonight by helping with my ‘Blog Party’ episode.  

I thought I was fast in FinalCut but I’ve got nothing on this guy… I’m like dictating, “there, cut now to here, smooth that out”, he mashes his keyboard and it all just lines up.

And like a true addict, despite him giving me 9 hours last night, when he woke up today there was a text from me unreasonably asking for more. 

Prizes and Party Preparations

Editing Till 8am Today

Pounded the crap outta my laptop making my Blog Party Screening.  

Sometimes a song really gets me during editing… tonight it was Lady Gaga’s new one, Bad Romance.  During the editing of ‘My Intro‘ is was Headsprung by LL Cool J.  

For sure I’ve decimated my hearing by a coupld dBs; they were heat hot and it was worth it. You probably woulda liked seeing me lose      my      mind     dancing around… it’s just I have to even out the hours (10 tonight) of sitting totally still with Final Cut. 

Look what I did though:

On the right is what the footage looks like for five FIVE explorations I ripped and rendered.  

My finger musta slipped and hit ‘4’, therefore making it all zoomed up, and I didn’t catch the mistake till too late.  Have to start from scratch.  Press play. 

Wired Out of My Head…

… wired you’ve no idea omg.

Texted This Photo to my Landlord

Subject line: Proof.

I’d Twittered last week how my rent cheques never made it to my landlord… I actually had to use the infamous line, “no dude really, the cheques are in the mail”. 

This is the second set.  And of course the day after I cancelled the first one they showed up at his door.

3 Musical Things

1 – One day I’ll remake this song.  I’ve had it on repeat for almost two weeks, and if ever there was a Keri-ish song, this’d be it.  

You can be sure I’ll punch up the orchestra, and I’ll edit mine down to 70 seconds max.

2 – I have a lipdub to a certain Aqua song designed in my head for when I get snowed in, it involves the staff of a whole hotel.

3 – I’ve had a pop duet extravaganza developing in my head too.  But I wouldn’t be interested in starting that until 2011.

This is My ‘Grand Prize’ Graphic

My ‘Blog Party’ Outfit So Far

Come ON my lapels.  ONNNN.  On my tuxedo.  ON.