Did Some Crime Scene Investigating

Then I picked up the studio now in its winter / snow tires version.

A Big Moose

Moose are herbivores and I was surprised to learn they must consume about 9500 calories a day.  I’ve consumed more in a day than that.  

Me Today

Dropped My Phone…

… off my balcony.  

How it landed on the balcony below and didn’t plummet to its death I don’t know SO lucky.

Walked down to the floor below to leave a note if the person wasn’t there:

And again SO lucky… as I came around the corner the guy was locking his door to leave.  “Hi, my phone is on your balcony”.  

It still works, Blackberry FTW. 

Sorry there’s no Blog Party Episode Yet

I’ve been hacking it together but to be honest I have been exhausted.  I think the party took more out of me than I realized and was more worn down than I thought.  I realize that sounds dumb, it sure feels dumb to type, but meh, yup.  It’s coming soon, and I think I’ll give myself a little break and officially not kick off season 2 for another few days.  Thanks for your patience.  xo Keri

Screenshots from Editing

Below on the left is Mike’s camera, and on the right is mine.  So I’ve been syncing audio from mine to match Mike’s for obvious reasons.

You know how my arch nemesis is ‘good audio’… below is Jody coming up well into my screening saying, “psst, the audio isn’t working, what should I do?”.  

Apparently I just stared at her blankly.  Haven’t much recollection of that.  Or anything really.

Two ‘Blog Party’ Photo Albums

Click here for one from Suzy on Facebook, thanks lady.

Click here for the Photobooth ones.  The booth kinda tanked because I forgot to promote it.

My Voice Heard Here…

.. was on Ottawa’s Hot 89.9 today around 1pm.

Me Today

Turn up your headphones to this and dance, too.

I’m In a ‘Webnation’ Episode

Sick, eh!  Thanks Jon, excellent ‘Blog Party’ gift.

To see me: 

– go to the Webnation site 

– choose the 11/17/09 episode, ‘Web Contests’.

– fast forward to 0:40

– there’s Rannie and I from our episode, “Exploring CDN Blogging“.