Exploring Stratford Photos

Remember when Chris and I went to Stratford one Sunday afternoon?  He emailed me today his Flickr set of photos, here’s a couple of my favourites.

Me in front of what would be house, in this tiny town we found.

The title of this one made me laugh, Chris called it, “Now He’s on a Blog” because that’s basically what I tell people after I let them approve their photo, like I’m doing here, “there, now you’ll be on my blog”.

Click here to learn about his truck behind us.

And click here to see the whole set on Flickr.  Thanks for putting them up, Chris.

You Don’t See This Everyday

One Blackberry for each hand:


It’s my replacement, and arrived today.  

Now I’ll be able to Twitter again from it, play FourSquare, make phonecalls.  

Me Today

Cleaned Off My Camera

Top left clockwise:

– the very first sketch I ever made for this website design

– remember those?  I bet it couldn’t even text

– that’s a photo text a friend of mine received… pretty boring pic, eh.  Why is it interesting?  Because the sender spent $15 to get it to her.  Ya, I know.

– somewhere I want to go… that’s the HQ of Steve Mann… he’s a Canadian who was one of the first people to ever broadcast his life online.  He pioneered wearable computers (seriously, click this) and coined the term sousveillance.  I’ve been a fan since the 90s when I read about in Wired Magazine; I’d probably get a bit tongue tied.  Click here to see where that is on a map so you can go, too. 

Me Today

The Theme of Today was ‘Russian’

Karin and I went exploring Russian things.  I don’t know why but I’ve always adored anything Russian, and having wanted always to go see such things going with a native today was even better.

Beautiful, eh?  That’s at Troyka, the Russian Art Store.  

That’s where I was introduced to Cheburashka / Чебурашка, this little guy whom everyone watched as a kid, kinda like our… Tom and Jerry maybe?  Watch his adventures on YouTube here.

Then we went to Yummy Market where I got a chance to butcher their language, found some fish in a barrel and was poking them with some tongs.  

We got Russian candy and food and made a picnic in the studio, “look Karin, my sandwich is shifting gears!”

Then I dropped her off at Ryerson so she could attend an awards ceremony where she was a recipient of a Philosophy award, congratulations lady.

Belshoyeh spasiba Karin, ya loobleeyu Ruskava yazika. 

The ‘Blog Party’ Episode

I threw myself a ‘Blog Party’ (invite is here all links about it are here) to bring the online world into the real one, and to kick off Season 2 of ‘The Canadian Explorer’.  

Here is that party.


In order of appearance:

– watch the full episode, ‘Exploring a Fair

– watch the full, ‘I Read You my Manifesto

– pipe maker Julius Vesz

– about the Badlands

– Hamilton, the waterfall capital of the world

– the Transformer convention

– about diamonds, click here and here

– the oldest baseball park in the world  

– the Toronto Star

Ensoe and his graffiti


– sponsor ideas, “What’s Out Her Window?” and “What’s In Her Backseat?” 

– search: Brennen Demelo

– about me laughing

– my Gary Vaynerchuk interview

– when I talked my way onto a warship, ‘Exploring the CDN Navy’, probably my favourite episode yet, and make sure to click on ‘How I Got Home’

– the Hockey Legends at Maple Leaf Gardens

– my Intro and Theme Song

Thank you kindly to my sponsors!

The Reservoir Lounge (Ray is your guy, meet him in this post)

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Meet Evan

He’s sold me one million burrittos at Burrito Bandidos on Peter Street over the years.  

More interestingly he’s got a comedy show with his troupe, Third Banana Comedy, coming up you might like; click here for the Facebook event page and here to meet them on Vimeo.

And don’t he and Kevin Rose look alike?

Had a Motivating Coffee Today

With a motivating guy from a big network, one you know.  I’m not gonna say anything else lest I jinx it.

Happy Thanksgiving to Our American Friends