Studio Magnet: Check THIS Out

It’s my birthday gift from Jody I told you about the other day, oh snaaap:


I’ve been thinking a lot about making money with this show of mine, ROI, stuff in versus out (which is way unbalanced as of now).  

Casie showed me this tonight, you can get paid for posts.  And you have to put a badge on said post which means ‘I’m getting paid for this’; I like that.  

That’s  Need to do some more research, but could be a good start.  On the left is what I made my career, and on the right is my blog’s overview: Canada gets celebrated…. woah, spelling mistake.  Kay I’ll fix that, and ya, gotta define my audience better too OMG I have a lot to do.

Does My Show Seem Kinda Scattered Lately?

It’s because it is.  

Behind the scenes is some serious restructuring going on.  I did tonight what I always do, took a Sharpie and some print outs to a quiet restaurant and scribbled over everything.

The waiter was real interested in what I was doing, trying to look over my shoulder, “is it an exam you’re studying for?”, “no, I’m plotting my future”.  So that’s what he wrote on my bill. 

Me Today

Exploring a Chinatown Grocery Store

If you’ve never been go immediately it’s amazing.  And good bargains – 5 lemons for $1. And I love LOVE how everything is anthropomorphized: faces printed on those cookes, everything gets the ‘Big Googley-Eyes Treatment’.  

And you should know: at the back is where the fish is, where I saw the man hit it on the head with a hammer then this happened.  Which is kinda dumb because I saw that happen to the fish I was forced to catch that time.

Then this elderly lady was trying to teach me things about shellfish in Chinese, but we communicated through giggling.

I found those little somethings for sale.  It’s the largest Chinatown in the world, and hoooowww big is it?  SO big there’s a second one, click here to go back in time to when I taught you about that.

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

Happy Thankstaking to You!  Oh yes I did.

I’m thankful for everything, especially living in Canada, that you’re reading this, and I wish good health for everyone.



PS – I learned how to say ‘Happy Thanksgiving Canada’ in Sign Language, I’ll put that in video soon… wait till you see how to sign ‘Canada’, so cute.

[Thanks for the turkey images: / / / ]

Me Today

Edge Codes – a movie Alex made about editing, featuring the George Lucas, and click here to see another George interview Alex all about it on ‘The Hour‘.

Synopsis – “The Art of Motion Picture Editing.  Through interviews and clips, this fascinating documentary explorers the finer art, history and science of film editing”. –

It cleaned up on “Official Selection” awards including the Hong Kong Festival, and when I said he made it like, director / writer / editor / producer yup.

Studio Shadow

Me Today

The Sheraton Shot

I really like the left photo for no real reason, I’m now calling this ‘The Sheraton Shot‘. Seems a collection is starting.

Thanks Luca, for these photos from – the Official Nuit Blanche Photography Outfit.