Didn’t Make it to the Ten Commandments

But actually it worked out because on the way back past the line I refused to wait for three hours in I learned they’d just shut down the exhibit, over.  So my decision to instead go paw things on Canada’s richest street was a good one.  

Then when I gave the guy my change he held up an envelope stuffed with cranes, told me to pick one, I got that poem there on my fridge, title, ‘Patience’.  I know.


My favourite line is, “put spending time under review…..”.  If you see the guy, he hangs around Avenue and Bloor, say hi for me and also get a poem for yourself.

Me Today

Slow Art with Karin

Karin organized a ‘Slow Art Toronto’ event at The Art Gallery of Ontario… it’s a worldwide new art movement, Toronto’s on the early adapters list.  Basically you look at one piece as long as you can, hopefully at least 15 minutes or so, because then you start to see different things and it’s good for your concentration.  That’s a pretty bad explanation I think.

I stomped through as many different exhibits as I could looking at neat stuff, went and found the group in time for lunch and made some new friends.  Including an American couple in the gift shop who told me this. and I said this about the gift shop.

Exploring the AGO

I’m at the Art Gallery of Ontario, where did you know you’re not supposed to take photos? Me neither.  That arrow is pointing at the shadow of the guard giving me that news.  

I knew I should have gone with my gut and made a TwitVid, it was gonna be so meta… I was watching a 1920s film of a photoshoot.  But that’s the thing about having a blog, sometimes you wanna just not document and save it for yourself.

The top thing is a tiny travelling kinda-animatronic circus.  That’s what, if we were in the 1897, would have totally enthralled us… which is why sometimes the future concerns me.  

Canadian architect Frank Gehry designed this, and I quite like this photo of mine.

Me Tonight

AMAzing Olympic Apparel

Come ON.  The stuff at the Bay this year is fantastic, I’ve said that, and then I found Park Life for Aritzia and AMAzing.  I’d wear it all, and “JodyJodylooook, he’s peeking out of my pocket”.

The stuff just came out, this is hands down THE best Olympic clothing I can remember, click here and here to see and shop.  And click here to see how far we’ve come from 2008s gaudy awful mess of outfits.

A Magazine Launch Celebration with Jody

Coupe Magazine is “an oversized magazine sporting the higest of design and production standards.  Each issue of Coupe is a whole new ball game”.  It’s very CDN, comes out twice a year and was celebrated at Couple Space in Leslieville on Queen Street East, a cool place.  Congratulations!

What I liked best in it:

– it looks like ‘caution tape’ but it’s EverythingIsOk.com tape
– cartoon Christmas downtown TO
– speaks for itself
– sums up well where I am and what is happening
– wish that guy was alive and hanging out on my desk right now, actual size shown

Fife House

Kay I figured out what the event is for, and it’s really touching.  Meet Chris Bell, ‘Chair of the Youth Committee’ at Fife House:

They’re a 21 year old organization which provides “affordable housing and services to people living with HIV/AIDS in the Greater Toronto Area”.  80% of supportive housing and services in the GTA come from Fife.  Their goal is to “enhance quality of life, build on individual strengths and promote independence”.  

And, this is cool, they’re the only place in Canada that provides housing for families, not just for the individual.  They just got a new facility on Sherbourne, congratulations team, and thank you.  

Please visit FifeHouse.org to learn more and help if you can. 

Me Right Now

Me Tonight

Meet my new friend Ekaterina, and her fabulous ring:

We’re gonna go explore what her job is one day, but I’m not telling you anything about that because it’ll ruin the surprise.  I will tell you though how she just completed her first marathon, way to go lady, especially for the part where you got sick half way through and kept on going.