Me Today

Hello, I’m meta.

First Image from My New Camera

I’m with Eugen and he asked me to do a photoshoot for his thesis, he’s aiming for 1/week and if you’d like to be his subject Twitter him here, and please do.  As I said on Twitter I don’t like being photographed, but he made it painless.

It’s my first digital camera since this one 10+years ago so I’ve never worked with files this large.  Photoshop’s response time is waaay down, ewww, and I can’t figure out how to resize them, so what I do is take a screenshot of it and go around that way, to make it fit to size.

Cleaned Off My Camera

– found at my friend’s house
– doesn’t that read weirdly?  It’s a sign on the side of a monitor in a library
– not taken in Toronto 

Home Again

Whirlwind trip, goodnight.  To those I missed out on seeing sorry, next time, which’ll be soon. 

Now I Have a Camera

It’s from Henry’s of course, from Ted, who you’ve met before.  And Julie I was hoping to see you but hope you had a good day off, looking good Larry, and thanks everyone.  

It had to be waterproof and really rugged, and I can stand on this one, no sand can get in AND it has a wideangle lens, the Olympus Stylus 8000.  No more missing out because it’s raining, which happens a lot.


Me Today

Meeting with my Business Manager

I just like saying that, “my business manager”.  So does Jody, she emails it all the time.  I took my chickenscratched, stickynoted printouts and my little black book that I put my most excellent ideas into using my best printing.

Couple weeks ago I’d texted him all hyper, “OMG I’m #1 on Google for “Canadian Explorer” in BOTH Canada and USA.”  And tonight maybe the funniest thing he said was this: 

“You know what I almost did Keri?  Bought and .biz then used them to outrank you.  Except I didn’t want to invest that much time in making you cry”.  I know, I jacknifed too.

I really wanted to go to this one bar and did and look:

Totally empty, just us and the DJ.  I asked him to play Britney and got back a brand new song with her and Little Wayne, it’s good.

It woulda been an excellent little video but, get this, I don’t really have a camera.  My Flip’s audio no longer works, my big camera is breaking down and my BB keeps reseting itself: I’m a girl with an internet show and no camera.  That’s getting solved tomorrow. 

Me Tonight

On the 401 again, aka my 2nd home.  Bit bored.  Here’s another photo.

Happy Heritage Day!

It was the Stratford Heritage Festival this weekend in ‘Canada’s Premier Art Town’.  There was a giant old car show in the town square, that’s where I met Bruce:

That’s his 1942 Willys Overland MB, 1/3000 custom ordered by the CDN Government in November 1941.  The C stands for Canada and the M denotes a 500 weight car.  And that flag is of the 2nd CDN core of service that commanded troops in North Western Europe.

It went overseas and did stuff, came back and was found by Bruce’s dad rotten in a field. He fixed it up, passed it onto his son and now it’s beautiful, I kidded him about no dust even in the corners.  Good story eh? 

Exploring Stratford

Off with @MotionBlur to Stratford, Ontario, where the swan is the official symbol and each year 26 of them are put in the Avon river, 2 of which are black.

William Shatner is from here, I saw Peter Mansbridge’s house (looks inviting) and the building Chris and I are standing in front of is a factory from back in 1865-ish where Thomas Edison had his first telegraphy job.

Here’s a Twitvid from Chris coming into the city, and yes everything is predictably Shakespeare-themed, and I wondered if the people that lived here got turned off of the guy because of it.