Twitter Today

I have a very big decision to make today.

Dimsum’s only good when it comes on carts, which it did.

Just replied to an email sent to me about how my friend went hunting and took down a mosse.  There was even a photo #That’sPrettyCanadian

I’m thinking about my decision.  I’ve made my decision.  Decision made. *

@astroboy Thank you! @mhp haha! @diamondrider yes it is! @kericdn now take the fork in the road

Found some McCookies in my cupboard, eating them thinking about how excellent today was.  Night.

* that’s from Babymama come onnn so good

5 Bars

That’s how many made it to in just a few hours:
september 25 2009
– at one of them my drink tasted like lavender
– danced it up at another
– at another I got obsessed with this married guy pitching hard to get the girl on the other end of his phone, hiding his wedding ring
– walking through the Entertainment District I exclaimed “oh I’ve missed this” and I have, the busyness of this area late-night.  I’ve got to get here real soon to do “Exploring the Entertainment Disctrict Late Night” before all the students run out of money
– was asked by the club’s photographer if I was a cop
– the VIP bottle service at this upstairs place on John Street was the saddest VIP area I have ever seen.  It was there that when my friend asked the DJ “can you wish our friend a happy birthday?” the response was “I don’t have a microphone”.  We were dying.

An Inpromtu Dinner

It was very random, very delicious, way fancier than I thought, I quite liked the duck sauce. Thanks lady, and great meeting you two!  Here’s what we disovered:

Sobey’s is much more Canadian than the Metro
– crack is approximately $7/hit, many hits a day are needed
– we all have Bolds and good luck getting us to switch from BB
– invite me for dinner, I always do the dishes as you know
– being a consultant to the Logistics Analytics Dept. for the East Coast Division is a BFD 

Me Today

That’s something I bought in the summer of ’07 because I’d seen an infomercial for it in the spring.  It’s a QuikPod, it was too weak for my big camera but fits my new one just right.
And re: this tweet about who I met yesterday, look at my nails.  That’s what I used to shake hands with when I met Anne, “publisher and editor-in-chief of, the FIRST and only editorially-driven monthly online magazine for wellness-minded travelers”.  

Click here for an extensive and reliable list of Canadian Spas and Wellness Travel Places.

I’m Reading This

It just came out, and being a longtime fan of course I bought it, and it’s fantastic.  And guess who’s coming to Toronto next week SICK; we’re going.

Get to know Gary here and click here to buy his book.

Toronto’s Oldest Restaurant

It’s the Senator Restaurant on Victoria Street, click here for their day menu and some history.

It’s 2 seconds away from Dundas Square and go, it’s like walking back in time… so much that when a movie is shooting in Toronto and they need an olden-times set, they rent this place.  Also, it smells exactly like the News Cafe.

I decided on pecan pie and milk.

A Lot of Diamonds

That’s Keith (who you’ve met before) and we’re at his diamond setter’s, that’s Berge waving at the end.  He’s Canada’s premiere diamond setter, neat eh?  

I got it wrong in the Twitvid description, there’s even more diamonds in there than I said.  And I was the first person to wear the thing ever, ha.  The clasp was super tight and Keith, “woah, I think I just sold this to Keri”.

That window is facing north; you always want to face north because that’s the best light for inspecting diamonds. 

Me Today

Closing Gala of LG Fashion Week

I’m at Hoax Couture’s closing show for LG Fashion Week – “25 of Canada’s premiere fashion designers are each creating a spectacular outfit from fabrics sourced in Africa. They’re using the powers of fashion for good and helping the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa”.  

It was in support of Stephen Lewis Foundation, one of Canada’s top philanthropists.  They called it Dare to Wear Love, click that link for more info and to please give.  And congratulations Hoax, you guys crushed it tonight to a packed house!

Aren’t they so cute?

That’s Chris and Jim, you’ve met them before from that time we went to Caribana, and that other time Jim made me bake a pie.  I’ve also got footage of them from, ready?  2007.  I know, gonna dial in the way-back machine and use it in the episode I filmed tonight. 

Meet Tom, my producer for the evening, and by day… Rick Mercer’s.  Thanks, Tom!

[click here and here for two Twitpics from tonight]

Everything’s Broken

That Blackberry photo was taken with my new camera that I have to return because the… audio doesn’t work.  Look how well I’m taking it.  

I’d have shown you how my laptop keeps crashing, but I don’t wanna Photoshop that.