Happy Hallowe’en

Jody carved and texted me that.  

Far more impressive is what she recently designed.  I’ll tell you about this week when I take some screenshots from editing.

96.3FM The New Classical

I was invited to come say hi and go for a tour after I sent them the below TwitVid of me rocking out to some violins on their station:

I quite liked it there and got along right away with McLean (left) and Kennen (right).  

Me: Why am I all crouched like that beside you?
Kennen: I think you think the frame is smaller than it is
Me: Oh
Her: Ya you didn’t need to do that
Us: giggling

Then we kicked around chatting and I can really see myself fitting in here, hosting a little online show like, “Let’s Talk Classical!” which is what I told them.  I love the stuff, all my episodes are set to it for a reason.   

Oh hi Moses!  Didn’t see ya there.  You make cool stuff.

Gary Vaynerchuk Loves Canada!

Gary Vaynerchuk – I’ve been a fan since discovering him in early ’08 so of course I went tonight because he’s on his book tour (#2 on the NY Times Bestseller list!) and I wanted to shake his hand.

He’s even better in person and is 100% present.  Plus his hustle comes out of his pores and sticks to you, nice.

Oh and hey Gary!  When reviewing the footage, I realized something I told you isn’t correct… yes I’ve had an online show for 2+ years but only since February of this year have I had this website.  

And that’s the biggest thing I took away from your book: it takes time and I must be more patient than I naturally am.

Click here to see my Intro and have me sum it up in 18 seconds, in song.

And here’s my best episode yet, Exploring the CDN Navy

Thank you for taking the time tonight and the best of luck to you, you wear success well.

Crush It the book

check out my friend Gary’s
Business Book

I inhaled his book, you should too, click above to buy.

Finally I Met Iain Today

He’s my web guy, the one who made it easy for you and I to use this website (we heart SquareSpace).  

To get the social media icons top right to work “woah Keri, I had to hack the crap outta the CSS” ahaha that line still makes me laugh.

If ever you need a website guy call Iain because he’s very reliable, fun and has one of the most interesting tattoos I’ve ever seen.  And busy!  We did all this site without ever having met in real life, neat eh.  

He also has two TWO daughters currently starring in The Sound of Music.  When I learned that I told him his family was like The Royal Tenenbaums because, well, they are.

Click here to find him on Twitter and here to see what I told him after we’d met. 

Me Today

Dinner With Yara

She’s one of my oldest friends in the whole world, and the one I’m talking about in this story.  

We went out, it was amazingly fun, that is all 😉

Macallan Scotch Tasting

Matchstick Marketing invited me (thanks guys!) to Toronto’s only 5-star hotel, The Hazelton, for an evening of scotch tasting with The Macallan – they’re like… the Ferrari of scotch.

Click here and here for two little videos of me tasting tonight.  Some of it is 18 years old, and that’s not even considered that old.

Some interesting facts:

– “neat” means straight-up, no water or no ice added
– scotch and whiskey are the same thing, and this has confused me for 12 years.  Confusion over.
– don’t swirl it around in your glass, that’s for amateurs
– a sphere has 25% less surface area than a cube, that’s why that machine in the photo top right is making the cube into one
– the company, based in Scotland on the River Spey, is very set in tradition.  That’s why on their bottles there’s that little house… that’s the original house and they’re very good at adhering to the ways of the company from it’s founding date, 1824
– if you drink ethanol you’ll go blind
– their factory looks outrageously clean
– Macallan is the only scotch maker that gets that golden colour naturally (from their Spanish Oak Casks) 
– there are no rules to this all… add water, ice, nothing, it’s as you wish, nothing is incorrect

That’s our host for the evening Mark Laverdiere, classy French guy who is the Scotch Whisky Ambassador for Macallan.

It’s hard to hear us over the fun happening, but what Mark is saying is that “it’s a catalyst for a good time”.  And then when we clink glasses we’re saying is ‘Slainte Mhath!’ (‘Good Health!’ in Gaelic), that’s what you do.

What Mark said though, about it being a catalyst, got me thinking because I used to have a ritual where I’d have a scotch with an old friend of mine, (the one who was giving my stuff away that time), and I’ve decided this holiday season she’s getting a bottle of Macallan because I want to continue, and enhance, our tradition.

Casie and I went together, read her blog post (and see a nice photo of me) here, and read here a detailed write-up by David who went the night after, he’s a scotch pro.

EDIT Nov. 4 – Please fill out this survey to help out Matchstick and Macallan, thanks.

Me Today

The Photo Caption Says It

You remember owner Liam of 2 Petal Rose from him making ‘Little Me‘.  I’d sent him the link from when I turned his gas mask into jewelry, it took off from there and now:

     Coming Soon!  A 3 Piece Jewelery Set, with a Special Twist!

Bottom photo is the mold prepared for the chocker.  

(aside – that’s my passport photo I had taken in January which I never used to renew it so also coming soon is, ‘Exploring Getting a Passport Really Quickly”.

Look, I’m an Animated .GIF

I can’t figure out how to slow myself down though.