Me Today

I ran into a friend today, almost literally… he was crossing the road I was turning right onto while taking that photo on the left.

september 16 2009

He was there for that time the full moon made my head go all weird, he’s in the middle in that photo.

Coffee with Keri

In a rare occurrence I met another Keri at this event.  Today we had coffee and are soon off to explore together.  

She’s a photographer, click here to see her stuff (classy), and I’m taking her along to the Toronto Botancial Gardens because I’ve been trying to get there all summer, there’s one specific flower I’m on the hunt to see.

september 16 2009

Keri’s are similar because we were both supposed to ride our bikes and both didn’t, both were running exactly 4 minutes behind and both showed up wearing pants that covered our shoes… Keri’s have no feet. 

One Little But Big Step

I woke up this morning like this, “ENOUGH. I am having a tough time launching my Gold/Silver/Bronze Sponsorship Program and here’s another day I won’t”.  So I sat down and pounded out a sales-esque letter and started shipping it around.  I requested in-kind things in return for presence on my blog/twitter/episodes to companies I already purchase from.

Start small.  There’s a reason I haven’t been able to pull the trigger on the program I realized, I’m not ready – I don’t feel comfortable taking large sums of money from people, not yet.  I’m a terrible liar so I can’t fake that my traffic is huger than huge, and when I ran my usual test I failed.

My test is, “if I saw the guy on the street could I look him in the eyes?”, no.  It’d be an unbalanced relationship; greedy greedy never gets.  That’s my test for which sponsors to take on too, “if you saw me on the street, could I look you in the eyes and tell you to buy from them?” and “moreover, do I have their products on me right now?”.  I could, I do, and the goal is to keep it as close to 100% Canadian as possible.

Off the emails went, and then tonight I was waiting for the elevator when I got an email back from the owner of one of the companies.

Me: [sharp intake of breath, eyes widen]
Me: [now I have the attention of the guy waiting with me]
Me: I’m about to read the reply to a big email I sent this morning
Me: [reads email, and it’s a YES! And a good yes at that]
Me: Gah, it worked!  This is amazing!
Guy: What worked?
Me: I sent an email this morning, the president himself wrote me back, and he said yes!
Guy: Hey that’s great
Me: I know!  Look! [now I’m holding out my Blackberry with the good news on the screen]
Guy: [high-fives me]
Guy: Hey I always write back personally to my emails, eh
Me: That’s good because look what it does to a human!
Guy: Congratulations again [gets off elevator]
Me: [is standing there vibrating]

This is gonna work, this plan of mine, I know it.  Cross-country exploring has never looked so possible. 

Me Today

How I came to be wearing that on my wrist.

About Editing the Navy Episode

It’s coming along well and will be quite cute, I must say.  The rough copy is done, music is picked out (new music is in order for this one), I got on top of the outrageous amount of footage I have, it’s going to be a longer-than-normal episode, and, for the first time ever I had a… cameraman.  

Editing moving footage is weird for me.  Also odd was the fact that nobody on the ship has ever seen an episode, so when I said, “no no, I just set the camera up there like that, it’s okay” it musta been weird for them… “doesn’t she know it’s crooked?  That the perspective is off?  If she’s just standing there not moving this is gonna be dull, no?”. Ha.  

But for all my interviews, and for my epic episode ending, the camera is moving and fellas you did fantastic.  And dude, the way you filmed the ceremony is perfect; when I watched it last night I was pumped, especially when you zoomed in on the veteran gentleman.

Should be done in a bunch of days, I just want to make sure to give the ship the respect it deserves so I’m being extra-finicky.  I can do it though, I can put up a movie in the same day I shot the footage, I did on Sunday, click here

That’s from the cycling race.  My team wanted to see themselves in action, I wanted to see if I could do it, so I threw that together and up it went.  Of course it’s somewhat edited (I’m too meticulous not to) and I figure I just gotta find a happy balance between that and my usual, elaborate style. 

Just Some Things

september 15 2009
Both taken during Sunday’s cycling race, and there’s an element on the left I need to copy. The race results are generated from that desk on the right which is in a mini-van, powered by that generator which is small and keeps the system going for 8+ hours.

There’s a classic disembodied-head shot, and on the right is an old photo of me I found when cleaning weeks back.  

Here’s my latest invention:

That’s ‘Little Me’, see me better here.  I was writing this email to the friend who gave it to me: 

“Found myself my final home today.  Better protection from dust.  Correct fengsui.  Wondering if gas mask should be worn as a necklace”

when it hit me, “no not a necklace, this could make an excellent bracelet” and yup, it did.

Artifacts from the Ship

september 14 2009
From top left clockwise:
– a Bosun’s whistle
– the thing I told you about here; worn on your shoulder and denotes your rank
– sick USB key, eh
– a commemorative coin from the HMCS Ville de Quebec

Me Today

september 14 2009

Car wash day.

Images of Canada

Photos from my phone from the past little while:

september 14 2009

– you can see two countries there, separated by that bridge
– love that driveway
– a bus mural I liked
– a flask 

Last Race of the Season

Today was my team’s last race and first ever Time Trial.  That’s when your bike has solid disk wheels (which make an ominous sound) and Tron-esque helmets, and really you just go in a straight line as fast as you can for about an hour.

It’s very grueling, and one of my team said he was thinking of me during the ride when “your dream came true Keri and I barfed a bit in my mouth”.  Good work.  And for those of you just meeting me, click here to watch the episode “Exploring Cycling” and find all team mentions there, too.

The race was held in Plattsville, a cute little town of a few thousand one hour west of Toronto.

Bottom right I’m showing you an old mill in the middle of town, and bottom left is Mike Armstrong, professional race photographer for Extreme Road and guy I hung out with while we captured the race start where they fly down a 45 degree incline and take off. 

I also met Kelly and Phillip from my beloved Hamilton, and Kelly knows the location of the first ever Tim Horton’s there and will email me.

That’s me in an empty podium tent on the loudspeaker, welcoming you to ‘The Canadian Explorer Open’ featuring ‘The Canadian Explorer Flyers’ which will be taking place in Delusionville.   

I already miss my team even though it just ended.  Thank you for a fantastic season fellas, can’t wait till next year.