Exploring the CDN Navy

Yup that’s me at the end there, gunner-at-heart… did you see me flinch?  Exactly.

I sailed with the HMCS Ville de Quebec for two nights from Toronto to Sarnia on September 8 – 10th.  For more about this episode: september 22 2009

– how I ended up on the ship in the first place, click here

– what I did during my first day, click here

– ship facts click here, and ship artifacts click here

– me on the ship at night, click here

– about driving the ship, click here

– what it’s like to sleep on the ship, click here

– the crew’s favourite mission, please do click here

– my desk on the ship, click here

– about editing this episode, click here and here

– some in-studio screenshots, click here 

– how I got home, click here

Lastly, our Navy really “gets it”, this online stuff.  They’re the ones who dreamed up my epic ending and fought to get the footage, they’re allowed unrestricted online access aboard and the ship even has her own Facebook Fan page, one of the first in the Forces.  

[thank you to MusicBakery.com for the soundtrack]

I’ve Only Been Editing

By the time I’m done there’ll be 70+ hours of editing in this thing, plus producing and sailing time, 21GB of footage, 224 .DV files, thousands of Final Cut cuts, whew.

That’s why my blog has been content-light and I’ve only been tweeting: september 21 2009

Woke up on a warship, caught a ride home on a plane, hit 2 parties downtown, today will be tough to top #ReflectingOnMyFuture #zzzzz

The ship was good for me.

“Exploring the Navy” really came together last night; it’s gonna be cute, long (5 min. at least), and for once you’re gonna learn something.

Just found this interview foogate – Him: You have 3 minutes.  Me: Dude I _make_ 3 minute movies.

[TwitPic] – Me tonight from filming the last bit for the Navy episode and omg the sun goes down fast these days.

Aha, just worked in a heart wipe.

Go Navy!

Having new music makes so much difference #MusicBakery.com

Morning!  Can’t wait to show you the ship and the Navy, which is the people.

Apologies in advance – of the gig I just rendered 33% of the footage I’m chewing gum.

I’m still editing.

31 hours of editing since Friday.  I may not be the smartest girl on the block, but I’ll out-work you.  Zzzzz.

You actually learn something in this episode.  Don’t get used to it.

Rendering.  Pray for less than 1000MB.

1.09 GB mf.

Oh no – think I spelled ‘missile’ wrong and I’m uploading.

And that’s the FinalCut file.

Me Today

Hello, I’m editing. september 20 2009

A New Intro is Needed

It’s time to make a new Intro in a more fall / winter ensemble, same song but fresh footage. I know exactly what I want to wear:

september 19 2009

I’m at Original on Queen West, I’d met the owner Simon not long ago.  It’s the only place in Canada where you can get a crinoline like that… there’s 35 yards of fabric in each one, they’re not itchy, and they’re like the Porsche of crinolines.

Then I’m going to sew a little red&white striped dress to pull overtop.

I love these things, here’s one I have.  Jody took these photos, and see my face on the right?  When you put on something like this you spin around fast, that’s what you do… but who knew the thing was gonna fly straight out like that?  The salesgirl actually squealed.

Welcome to My New Sponsor, MusicBakery.com

When I told you recently about some emails I’d sent out, owner Jack Waldenmaier was one of the recipients.  Please say hello to:

MusicBakery.com – ‘The Official Music Supplier of The Canadian Explorer’

I’ve been at this two years and have seen 85% of the possible places to buy from (not everywhere offers classical) and always go back to Jack’s for three reasons:

1 – the website’s preview back-end is solid, so it’s smooth and easy to select tracks.  This part’s big because sometimes the episode doesn’t fully assemble in my head until I hear the correct music

2 – when it says “full orchestra” it actually is.  Some sites embellish that, like, one oboe and a couple violins does not an orchestra make

3 – the music from here has regular breaks and changes in the tempo so it’s easy to edit to

He’d emailed back asking what format I’d like the requested songs in (.AIF please) and made me a special page to download the three tracks plus a collection of 10-second diddys, classy.  Now we’re set for the next three episodes and I’ve never had this before, a new song for each.  

It’s going to make a big difference because I won’t have to get all inventive and cut up previously-used songs, trying to make them sound new.  And the footage and music really stick together in my head and make it sometimes tough to dream up new edit sequences.

Click here to check out Jack’s personal site; he’s also a composer of more than 800 commercial musical compositions and is the President of the ‘Dallas Modern Music Ensemble’, Voices of Change.

And Jack, thank you very much.


I’m in the business of life.

– KeriCDN 2009

It Tipped Over Today

I tweeted about it this morning. 

Today is the day I realized I need help, can’t do this alone any longer and actually, for the first time, I don’t want to.

I want a little team.  I think I got this from being on the ship.

I have drawn up a wish-list for this human: they’ll help me edit, manage things, go back and re-tag blog posts now that I know what I’m doing, insert all my blog photos into Picassa so I can launch ‘THE Map of Canada’, and I could continue this list for a good while.

Accepting resumes, apply within: Keri@TheCanadianExplorer.com  

TIFF and Dinner

My first TIFF movie ever.  I do appreciate my friend giving me his extra ticket, “Keri you need a TIFF post”, but to be honest this is not my thing.  

I don’t watch many movies as it is, and sitting in a theatre at noon, with so much to do, made me feel loser-ish.  I summed up my experience on Twitter here and here.

september 17 2009

On the right is where Jody and I met for dinner; we sat upstairs beside the street-view window.  

After we left we still had more talking to do when we heard some voices, looked up, and both of us froze when we simultaneously realized that if we could hear their conversation then our entire dinner chat was just broadcast to Queen Street and OMG… it was a girly dinner and there’s some things I didn’t tell you about my recent exploration.  What happens on the ship stays in my head.

Screenshots from Filming

september 17 2009

It’s the final footage for my Navy episode.  Lighting sure changes things, eh.

Another Coffee Today

This time with Jasin Dollin, designer and builder of that cute little boombox below – you stick your iPod in and kick it down the street.  He’s launching soon.  

september 16 2009
I’d met him at Rannie’s pano-gala opening recently, and it was odd:

Me: Hi, I’m Keri
Him: [shakes hand] Wait
Me: Waiting
Him: I know you, I’ve posted some of your stuff on my Facebook
Me: [I’ll never get used to this]

And I don’t think I will; I was recognized at the beginning of the year and I still have that same feeling when it happens.

In the background of the right photo is ‘The Leslie Street Spit‘ which, until today, I’d assumed was a busy street downtown where there were a lot of smokers.  Nope. 

It’s a 5km long conservation area that accidentally became that when, during the 60s and 70s, construction rubble was dumped there creating a headland, which the ‘Friends of the Spit‘ fought to keep from being developed.  

Thanks, Friends, it’s cool Toronto has a little wilderness in it like this.  There’s also 300 different kinds of birds there, making it an Important Bird Area (that’s a real thing, I didn’t make that name up).