Exploring Ontario Place

Cabbed it down to Lakeshore and Strachan and walked from there.

Start > 1 – crawl over the breakwater rocks keeping low and in the shadows.  I’ve ended up looking like an ‘L’ a lot today

1 > 2 – through the dry-docked boats, dash across the parking lot, over a fence and up the stairs to the top of the slide

2 to 3 – That’s the view from the top, here’s another.  We walked down the slide, all encased in a giant white tube.  Feels weird, “feels like we’re walking in the future”.  Made many many future jokes.  At the bottom we peered over the edge deciding our next move when we saw two foxes?!

3 to 4 –  Just run.  See that green arrow on the body of water?  As soon as we got within 6 feet of it there was a huge splash right in the middle, like, a dolphin jumping would splash like that.  We freeze up in fear because WTF?

4 to 5 – Calm, purposeful walking here, “we are going to back to our boat”.

5 to 6 – Up the stairs, across those diamond rooftops, back down, and that’s where we found the dinosaurs:

september 25 2009

Me: Hey they’re squishy, not hard plastic [punch punch]
Him: Look what makes us laugh, oh boy
Me: Posting incriminating photos of me on the internet?
Us: giggling

6 to 7 – into the Kid’s Area where the door to the big climbing maze was open, lock just hanging to the side.  We freeze again, fine let’s go.  But I got 4 turns in and that was enough, “something feels wrong, I don’t want to be here” and ran out.

The only way off the island is to shimmy along the outside of a railing in front of the guard house.

Him: grab the railing, not those spikey things
Me: No? [that’s what I was about to grab]
Him: That’s how I fell last time, they break off
Us: giggling

By now my hands and arms are tired from fences, the bar is big for my hand size, and I almost slipped woah my palms got sweaty as I typed that sentence, weird.

On the walk back downtown we saw a third fox.

So if you don’t plan out your night out, that’s what can happen.

PS – juuust kidding, none of this happened.  I Photoshopped all those images and made the story all up .





Yesterday I was informed there was a package en route, so first I went to check my mailbox and it’d arrived half an hour before I did.  Not only is this “The Official First Piece of Canadian Explorer Mail”, but now I have a box to open over dinner.

september 25 2009

Those are my views, I’m at Harbour Sixty.  This is the only thing I’d planned today, I’ve been wanting to go here for over a year, and it lived up to my anticipation.  

I was going to show you what I ate, like, I took photos of it all, but I couldn’t Photoshop them… there’s something gross to me about photos of food on websites, let alone the ones taken after the food’s been eaten.  So I’ll just tell you in text: scallops wrapped in bacon / mac&cheese with truffle oil / tomatoes covered in cheese / molton lava cake.  

Over my cake I opened my gift, and look at what I got gah,    love    it.  This is so me.  It’s a Res-Q-Rench, a firefighter tool.  Now I can turn off gas valves, break car windows and pry open doors and windows.  If you’re stuck inside I can get you out.

And to make it more special the sender’s name is on it, this thing has actually seen firefighting action.  Scott, thank you!

As I’m typing this I can’t imagine what I musta looked like to the waiters… girl eating alone, on her left arm is a gas mask, her right is covered in cuts (yesterday from the tree) and she just lit up opening a box to find a violent-looking tool.  It’s good no on asked me what I’ve been up to recently, “omg warship“.

Bottom right is the first of two white tunnels I’d end up in tonight.  Walking home I looked like the letter ‘L’ because I was so full I couldn’t stand up straight.  

I was clearing off my voicemails, got confirmation of my Blog Party date and then exactly one second after I do… I see a shooting star.

(please mark your calenders – November 17 at the Reservoir Lounge.  I’ll make an official announcement soon). 

Exploring the ‘Toronto Botanical Garden’

Picked up Keri in the studio and went somewhere I’ve been trying to get to all summer –  The Toronto Botanical Garden.  

september 24 2009

The Keris are looking good, eh.  When she came out to meet me she took one look at my dress, said she had one kinda like it and would be right back.  We found more similarities today, too… Keris are bad at directions, pale, wear fanny packs, and we think we’re hilarious. 

We doubled down – I filmed an episode and she took photos of me and the place.  I’m going to cut them into the episode and also it’s good because now I have some great photos of me because my profile picture hasn’t been changed in forever.  

And I found MY ROSE; click here to see ‘The Canadian Explorer Rose’ come on.  It’s a hardy, disease-resistant flower with exceptional blooming habits, requires no winter protection and grows to about three feet.

Jenny helped us find it, she’s the Communications Director there and when I told her I liked the Garden’s website she said she built the thing, nice lady!  She told us some interesting facts:

– their building is both award-winning and LEED Certified
– there’s 12 themed gardens over 4 acres, huge old trees and a little river
– you can have your wedding or party here
– there are 3 Jennys that work here
– rainwater is collected then an automatic-monitoring system waters accordingly (Woah, it’s like you have AI here.  Imagine if it could bring you coffee)
– there’s a different vegetable garden each year.  This summer Ukraine vegetables were grown, next year it’s Italian ones
– thanks again, Jenny, still wish I’d gotcha on camera

Then I fell out of a tree.

Me Today

september 23 2009

Also, I was a painting.

When Were You Last in an Internet Cafe?

september 23 2009

It’d been years for me until last June when on the same exact day my laptop crashed forever and I went live on CBC.ca.  I had to get the emails out to go and see me, and that’s how a little phase started when I was hanging out real late night on Yonge Street in the things.  The people watching is unsurpassed.

I was in again one today.  The top right photo is the only way I can see how Windows beats Mac, those gaudy tower modifications, and top left are some rules of the cafe but which I read as a sign the Matrix is speaking to me.

Olympic Apparel

september 23 2009

I’m in The Bay (Official Supplier) perusing and OMG it’s light years better than our 2008 stuff what WAS THAT?  Remember?  Hang on I’ll find a photo…. kay, click here and here

I’d wear all the 2010 gear, and I think our Mascots are the best ever.  Still haven’t heard back from the “Carry the Torch Contest” I entered.  

I have two explorations booked already out there, “Exploring Snow Making on the Olympic Hill” and “Exploring Behind-the-Scenes of Online Stuff with Bell” (those are working titles), and I *tentatively* have a place to stay, too.

That’s how I figure my “Exploring the Olympics” will be, all hacked together-like.  Covering, say, figure skating doesn’t interest me anyway, moreover I’ll never get tickets to the grand finale or get footage that will compare to a network’s.  

What I’d do is go find the skaters when they’re done, eat Big Mac’s with them and then do “Exploring Blowing Off Some Steam in the Olympic Village Since They No Longer Need to Compete and Can Let Their Gaurd Down Now”.

Blog Party Planning Committee Unite

september 23 2009

I’m laughing too hard to hold my phone steady, “you are so cute.  I   want   to   squish   you”.  That’s Dwayne, see a better photo of us here.

I told him all about my meeting last night… he’s so pumped, he has an excellent balloon-design idea we’re gonna do and when he said, “get editing Missy, for your screening, otherwise you’re gonna have to be up on that stage talking for longer” his eyes twinkled right out of his head.  

Canada’s Most-Read Military Blog

It’s a group blog called The Torch.  The name comes from a line in the poem, “In Flanders Fields”… “to you from failing hands we throw the torch; be yours to hold it high”.

I heard about big-time contributer Damian Brooks while on the ship and get this, our Military likes his stuff so much they shipped him to cover and blog about Afghanistan.  Click here for his first post about that.

I introduced myself on email last week and sent him my posts about my time on the ship, and he replied he wasn’t that surprised I’d had such a good time, and then he summed up my experience very well:

“Most civilians are really amazed the first time they get immersed in the Canadian Forces: the people are great, hyper-professional, and for the most part they’re stoked about what they’re doing – it’s catchy.  As a buddy of mine says, “the company of soldiers (or sailors) is a tonic to the soul.”

He’s sooo right.  Even though I was with them for just two nights I’m still feeling effects of being on the ship.  That’s why I tweeted last week “the ship was good for me”.  

The good news is I like to keep things balanced and so will have to do both “Exploring the Air Force” and “Exploring the Army”.

He kindly put my episode up on his site, click here to read what he had to say.  

Thank you, Damian.

Me Tonight

september 22 2009

Think I Found my Blog Party Location

I need to think a bit more about it, but look, it’s The Reservoir Lounge.  Why there? Because I dreamed about it once, click here.

september 22 2009

Through the doors on the left and tada, the place is adorable.  They have a different jazz band each night, and depending on the date I choose (early November) means either Tyler Yarema will sing to us (Tuesdays) or Bradley and the Bouncers (Wednesdays).  

I was taking a photo of Bradley’s photo when a voice said behind me “I can help you get a better shot” and there he actually was.

That’s the stage where the band plays and where I’ll have a little screening to kick off “Season 2 of The Canadian Explorer!”.  I’m working on a drink sponsor so I can buy all you guests your first drink at least, and I’m gonna have a photobooth and some other stuff.  And I want balloons, too.