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september 30 2009

CDN Tire Guy: Keri?
Me: That’s me
Him: You failed your e-test
Me: Nah, come on, it’s a joke?
Him: [stares]
Me: Sigh

Off to Auto Shop tomorrow.  If you have a VW or Audi you want to go here, ask for Dave the owner.  Click here for a map, they don’t have a website, which I find endearing.

I Have a Business Manager Now

I am so excited you do not even realize.  You know how I told you recently I didn’t want to do it alone anymore?  This guy’s timing couldn’t have been better, it’s a good fit, we’re old pals, he’s been making money online for a decade and he loves Canada too. 

We met for four+ hours, I have pages of notes and this feeling of renwed excitement for it all.  Which is why I forgot to take a photo of us.

Now to find an editor (email me if you’re interested) and my little team will be formed.

Photoshoot Today

You know, for sponsors.

I’m going to attach them when I email the companies.

[photos coming soon, first I have to install my new card reader and sort that] 

Me Today

september 28 2009

The CDN Fire Fighters Museum

I had to get online so I got off the 401 in Port Hope.

Roaming the town for WiFi (ended up at the local library, my recommendation to you… fast, free, quiet) and found the Canadian Fire Fighers Museum – collecting, preserving and displaying the history of fire service in Canada with artifacts dating back to 1759.

First I showed it my new tool then went inside and met the owner Isabelle and her son, and my tour guide, Pat.  Say hi for me if you go, they’re great, and they operate the place almost solely on donations so please give.

september 28 2009

That truck on the right is a 1926 Gotfredson nicknamed ‘Rocky’ and has appeared in the movies Firehouse Dog and Amelia.  

Far left is the hose nozzle that saved Port Hope from burning down years ago.  In the middle are old-fashioned fire extinguishers; mix water and baking powder in them and tada, now you have a foam to fight with.  

Far right are filled with carbon tetrachloride woah, I know.  You threw them directly into the fire, and those ones there mounted on the wall and when the room was a certain temperature the metal brackets warped and propeled the glass off the wall and into the fire.

An old defiburlator, a commemorative hat and just like in the cartoons a circle of fabric you jump onto from high up.  

This was maybe the most interesting thing to me:

Insurance companies used to each have their own fire departments.  If your house was insured by ‘Ottawa Fire’ and the ‘London Mutual’ crew showed up first and saw you were with their compeition, they stood back and let it burn.  And if you were caught grabbing your neighbour’s insurance sign and swtiching them out, biiiig trouble.

Oh, probably should have started the post with this at the top, but of the three uniforms I like fire fighters the best because every time they’re on the scene first. 

For a map and directions how to get here (exit #464), and hours of operation, click here.

Me Today

september 27 2009

Cleaned Off My Camera

Some photos I’ve taken over the past weeks but which didn’t fit into other posts, so I put them all together:

september 27 2009

– my two dream studios side by each, a Land Rover and a Tahoe
– that guy may have me beat in the “mobile movie studio” competition
– my new alien pal I met one night at Karin’s.  He’s like the one I won while ‘Exploring a Fair
– I’ve always had a thing for container ships.  See that orange thing bottom right?  It’ll be the first thing I investigate when I get onboard one day, it looks like an elaborate dingy on a slide 

– a place I don’t belong
– something my studio will never be, as already stated
– my fighter jet pals
– that’s a Blackberry banner being pulled across the sky two weeks ago, and now the heart of my pitch to them, “I’ll be more cost-effective and fun than that silly banner that day”

Last ship images:

– proof of hard work – those boots were purchased two weeks prior to that photo
– remember that time I fired that huge gun?  Oh fully milking it here, I know
– I rocked that
– those are oxygen canisters… if there was a fire you grab one, rip off the top and breathe deep
– don’t you just wanna push it?

– real me
Little Me

Me Today

september 26 2009

Lucky Pennies

september 26 2009
I always pick them up, put them in that black thing in my car, then transfer them to the bowl in my microwave on the right.

My theory is this:

It’s a test given by life… maybe you are “oh, I sure could use some extra bucks” and life is all, “alright then, here’s some money, this is a test” and if you don’t pick them up life shuts it down right then because life figures you don’t appreciate the little amount, what will you do with a larger one?

I’m saving up to buy a lottery ticket with my pennies (I find a lot of dimes, too).  One time I picked up a penny for an elderly man in an elevator and he said you should keep your pennies grouped together “as not to dilute the luck, kid”, so that’s where that came from. 

Me Today

september 25 2009