Me Today

august 20 2009

Okay So

august 20 2009

These last six weeks I’ve become a total party girl… insert lame joke here: “I’m now ‘The FunTime Explorer’.  

Not so productive, as is obvious since this blog is mass updated every 4 days lately.  It’s been super fun but it’s back to work with the rest of the world September 1, and that’s that.

I’m the Only One on Twitter with this Hashtag #

For both of them actually.  I can’t decide if it might be best to delete the tweet, so in case I do, here’s the proof. 

august 19 2009

Everything Accidently All Lined Up

august 19 2009

This is now ‘The Blackberry Shot’, like this is the ‘Tim Horton’s Shot‘.  

People I Met Today

Jody and I went to Shopper’s, maybe the only store I have zero self-restraint in.  Go in for paper towels, emerge $30 lighter.  We were learning about makeup from Jodi, top left:

Me: You’re also a TV producer?  Oh too cool, will you be in blog photo then?
Jodi: Ya I do stuff for ET Canada, and you have a show too?
Jodi: You know who you should approach for sponsorship?  Scotiabank
Me: They’re on my list!
Jodi: And Lise Waiter will be here Saturday
Me: They’re on my list, too*
Jodi: And Volkswagon
Me: I have one, my studio is my car!

* When I photoshopped that photo of us I was taken aback, look at the name what we’re standing beneath… it’s a sign. 

Then, do you remember FX the clothing store?  I do, because in high school when I’d come to the city I’d make sure to always go there because to me they were Queen West.  Bottom right is Simon, the founder of FX and that’s us in his new store, Original.  Same fun stuff and do I ever want one of his crinolines… 35 yards of bright red fun.


We were chatting and he told me I looked familiar, which I kinda dismissed because I get that a lot, but then turns out we actually had met before at a party last summer on the top of that building top right.

He lives close to Russell Oliver, you know, the jewelry guy who buys your used gold.  I heart him, grew up on him, and I’ve always wanted to make an ad for him… editing that guy’d be killer.

The Best Books about Canada

Of all the ones I’ve read I vote for these: august 18 2009

They’re written by top CDN author and my favourite Douglas Coupland, click here and here for more info on them.  They were in the front display of a beautiful bookstore in Don Mills Centre, McNally Robinson, one of the largest independent Canadian bookstore chains. Bookstores smell so good, eh.  

The guy at the checkout said the huge trees in the middle of the store are built personally by owner Paul McNally.  This is the book I bought; I heart Penguin Publishing and from it here’s a neat Canadian fact:

In Canada it’s a railWAY, in the States it’s a railROAD.

Went to America for Dinner

august 18 2009

I accidentally found this place, the Shops at Don Mills when I got lost a month ago and I was like, woah this is what the States looks like, it’s like I went through a wormhole and emerged below the 49th.  That was 1am so I went back today when there were people and stuff open.  The photos are not translating this at all, and I can’t really put my finger on why it is, but it just does feel like you’re in the USA.  

Don Mills was North America’s first fully-planned community built right after the WW2, and based on these 5 design principles never before implemented in Canada.

Cool logo, eh? They’re calling themselves ‘Ontario’s first and finest outdoor lifestyle centre’ that has a ‘lovely Town Square’ and WOAH OKAY SO… as I was researching and I just found that my Top 3 Authors, Douglas Coupland, is the one who made that clock, bottom right.  No wonder I liked it so much.  And that’s a weird connection based on my next blog post. 


august 17 2009

After, my friend and I were walking along:

Me: I just figured it out, why bus stops are made of glass
Him: Why’s that?
Me: Because then you can’t get trapped inside and beaten up because people can see in; keeps you safe
Him: I think it’s so the people inside can see the bus coming, Keri
Me: Oh

Then we drove through ‘The Bridle Path‘, I’ve never been and if you haven’t either OMG you must, click here for a good article.

It’s gotta be THE richest suburb in the country.  My jaw was scraping the ground as I drove sloooowly through, but upon further thought I don’t know why I was so surprised, like, this is the richest city in Canada and so the richest people have to live somewhere.  

Click here to see photos of an old fashioned one for sale, 6.25 million, here to see a modern one the Star called “the most technologically sophisticated residence in Canada”, and click here to meet some people that live here.

My latest idea is to go back and poster up the place advertising my services as a house sitter.  Ya, the security guaranteed to be patrolling around the area won’t mind that. 

Me Today

august 16 2009

I’m en route to a bridal shower in Mississauga where I gave the bride-to-be an iPhone case and fanny pack.  They went over well.  

Going home I took the wrong on-ramp and was all, “oh ya, glad to be on this side, look at all that traffic WOAH welcome to Burlington?”.  

And look, my dress is driving.

Exact Model and Make

august 14 2009

It was sitting outside after I fed the cat.  It’s sometimes what I use for motivation when I don’t feel like going for a run.