Me Today

august 26 2009

This collage accidentally came out very Canada-ish.  That’s my frisbee.

Latest Episode is Almost Done

august 25 2009

That’s the Final Cut file, and there on the right is maybe the best part about launching a new episode, changing the text in the bar at the top by one number.  Choosing the thumbnail for the episode, that’s also the best part.

To make and maintain this site I use and think you’d love it; I’ve tried all APIs out there and hands-down there’s nothing as elegant as this.

Blog Party Planning

En route to my car after last night’s even I noticed one of my upcoming Blog Party spots was open so I went in looking for the owners, they weren’t there and instead met Dwayne, their right hand guy.

august 25 2009

This is, ‘The Great Hall‘.  How I know about it is from working security there.

While in the park Dwayne called, and pretty soon I think everyone in Trinity Bellwoods Park knew about my Blog Party plans because I was YELLING into the phone.  Two reasons for this, one: Dwayne is adorable and he was pumped for the idea, so I got more pumped, then we were yelling at each other in excitement.

And two: I’ve always been loud on the phone, it just is.  Like everyone, I too worked in telemarketing in high school but had to be sent to sit way away from everyone else, in my own corner of the building, because of my loudness.  Whatever, I get excited, ” Hi Mr. McLala, it’s Keri calling from Chemlawn, your lawn care company!”.

Lunch in a Park

Met up with a friend who’d brought us gingerbread cookies:

august 25 2009

Me: Do you have a Sharpie in your bag?
Him: No, only a pen
Me: Now I need your help with something I dreamed up last week
Me: [tells him]
Him: I’m doing you a favour by not having a Sharpie
Me: Just use the pen

An Event Tonight

I attended the League of Kickass Business People at The Social and met, this is rare, another ‘Keri’. 

august 24 2009

I can count on one hand the number of Keri’s I’ve ever met, this Keri is a photographer with an elegant logo.  Of course I asked her if she used Keri Lotion (no) and Keri, check out this stamp with our name on it.

Below are more new friends, Simon (middle) and Adrian (right):

I took the photo then showed them and asked if it was okay for my blog, the usual routine. Adrian was like “woah” and I agreed because he kinda looks like how I did when I was off to “Exploring Clubbing Seals“.  See a better photo of us Simon took here.

Adrian founded DNA 11, who “pioneered the application of genetic science in the creation of truly personalized unique custom art”.  Click on that link to see how big he’s made it… featured in Wired, CNN, many more, so sick.

Lunch with a New BlogGirl Friend

august 24 2009

Meet Karin, terrific Russian* girl who blogs, too.  She’s hosting an event at the AGO soon about conceptual art and we’ll go to that as I’ve not yet been.  

She told me about it over lunch along with how she “just want to go fishing.  I have my licesence and everything” and I jackknifed, it was said with so much conviction and real random, click here for a photo of her doing just that.  

Good luck with your speech tomorrow lady!

* Mena zavoot Keri.  Ya loobleu rooskava yazeeka.  Ya cheeteereeu kaneega.  Ya gavaryou troodna.

Me Today

august 23 2009

Party Night

august 22 2009

On the left was taken upon arrival.  The two things bottom right are screenshots that were sitting on my desktop, and I used them to even out this collage.  I am a lover of screenshots.

On the top is what came back after I ran a name through this MIT thing; click that link and enter your name, so sick.  And on the bottom is from my Tumblr* account’s preferences… endless scrolling Tumblr?  I’ve been waiting my whole life for this.

* My Tumblr site is for stuff I like online but that doesn’t fit here on my show’s site.  Find over there stuff about Canada, or not, or just stuff.

Screenshots from Filming

august 22 2009

Filmed the in-between parts for the next ‘What I’ve Been Up To #2’, see the first one here. This’ll end up being black and white but actually today I’m quite colourful.

My New Stickers are Good Looking, Eh

august 21 2009

Casie made ’em for me, thanks lady.  

There they are in action on the bottom, first on the right at the Koodo party with Casie (she wrote about it here), and on the left that one was in place by 10 this morning and it’s been pulling ’em in all day.