CAA to the Rescue, Again

august 31 2009

Meet Robert, my CAA guy who came and replaced my battery with a new one right out of his truck.  So that didn’t count as one of the four service calls you get for free with your membership.  

Learned that the alternator’s only function is to charge the battery, which isn’t as heavy as you think it would be, but did surprise me to be filled with liquid (why Robert? Battery acid, Keri).

He’s a 27-year mechanic who is not interested in being mine, because I asked.  And get this – one time he fixed a guy’s carburetor with a cereal box, and it worked for three years. 

This is Me Waiting

august 31 2009

Finished These Two Books Today

Both are Canadian authors, Malcolm Gladwell of Ontario, and Robin Sharma, a Nova Scotian.

august 30 2009

Both I recommend to you, both are change-your-perspective kinda reads and both, despite their weighty messages, are easy to consume.  

My favourite part in Outliers was the ’10 000 Hour Rule’, which I tweeted this about a little while ago, and The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari re-inforced my theory that, in the winners-circle-of-the-world, they’re all getting up at 5am.

Went to a Wedding

It was beautiful and congratulations to the new Mr&Mrs!

august 29 2009

Each guest was asked to request a song which were listed on the back of our table place cards, top left is mine, click here to listen to it.  Also, I was in charge of the kids photo scavenger hunt, and there on the right is how I’d decorate my boat if I had one.  

And then I ran into this guy:

That’s Nik Sexton, ex-pro skater (click here, he comes in at 1:58) and he was with me at CBC at the same time on the same type of development deal.  There were three in total, the two of us and this other guy we never knew.
His show is called ‘The Motion Show’, comedy and sketches whose one character, ‘Donnie Dumphy‘ has become popular on YouTube, nice Nik.  Click here to meet and watch Donnie, a guy from Newfoundland who kills me and who’s girlfriend’s jacket also kills me.

Me Today

august 29 2009

‘No Battery’ is the Theme of Today

The studio would not start.  I didn’t leave the light on overnight or anything, I don’t know why it’s happened.   Same thing happened with my cel phone.

Three times I had to get boosted today, and when I had to go inside somewhere for an errand I had to leave it running outside and just hope it’d be there when I came out.  Of course it was.

august 29 2009

If you’re in a rush turns out that Beck Taxi will come and boost your car for $20.  For those not living here, Beck is our largest taxi company, all their cabs are orange and green, and they’re kinda like Toronto’s version of New York City’s yellow ones.

I know how to boost a car now – take those cables and match up the red to the red wires on the battery, and the other ones to the other ones, easy eh.

Then CAA came and helped me twice.  I’ve yet to meet a CAA guy I didn’t like.  I blew out a tire last summer in Midland and the guy was really good to me but I didn’t have cash to tip him so dude, I owe ya.

I Loved Today

I laughed a LOT, all my photos are blurry, was mildly productive, was on wedding dress delivery, delivered excellent one-liners, the end.

See This Wedding Photo Feature?

It’s out of one of North America’s fanciest wedding magazines, Grance Ormonde Wedding Style, and the photographer is my old friend Suzy and I’m so proud of you lady!

She’s the ‘Official Photographer of The Canadian Explorer’, and I don’t even mind too much to have my photo taken by her, because normally I don’t like having it taken one bit.  She took the profile pic I use everywhere, she took these and below are maybe my favourites of all time:

Off to… Another Party

But first I got my nails done for a wedding I’m attending on the weekend and it’s rare but they’re the same colour:

august 27 2009

What I’ve Been Up To #2


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* Why I felt compelled to tell you about this in French, that was a mistake… Stéphane is French so I thought it’d be nice to speak in his language but I just butchered it all.  That’s the peril of doing “I get one shot at this”… so sorry, I realize it’s painful to watch, least you didn’t have to edit it OMG I was in a perma-cringe.