Me Today

july 10 2009

From Yesterday, A VW Bus Studio?

july 10 2009

Doubtful; I am not a hippie.

Screenshots from the Nova Footage

july 9 2009

The Theme of the Week is ‘Cars’

Accidently ended up spending the day kicking around an oily, dusty auto shop called Auto Shop.  They’re my garage, read about them here, and in this episode you can see them for 3 seconds at 1:40.  Classy and Class A VW Specialists.

july 9 2009

It was supposed to be a 1.5 hour appointment at 11am but when you put off doing any maintenance it takes longer.  Mike and I studied the boats and bikes in AutoTrader and agreed a Ducati should always have a ferring and be red.  Mike is great on a bike… used to compete in trial bikes, like when you ride your bike over cars and crazy terrain, and he recently rode to the top of Hudson’s Bay.

We kicked around the yard when “what is that music everywhere all of a sudden?”.  Then we had lunch.  Bottom left is Sikander putting on new shocks, timing belt, and he’s an ex-professional wrestler, roman-greco styles, 2nd in Ontario.  

Re: the shocks – he said the rubber disintigrated in his hands from the old ones; factory from 10 years ago.  Wasn’t until I drove home around the corners did I realize how bad it was, no more drifting around them.  I do regret not getting footage of the bouncyness though, back passengers heads were grazing the roof.  As I’m typing that I can see the collage above and wow that’s a bad photo of me… I dedicate it to ‘A Friend’.

Then Andy came over with his 1970 525hp Chevy Nova and we went flying. 

Meet Charlie and Tom

Few months ago in Harbourfront here I met this woman staring at this bird, she told me his name was Charlie, he’s tame, and quite famous online.  And since then I’ve been preoccupied with seeing this bird that’s doing better on YouTube than me.  

I was riding by and a man sat down with a bag of seedy looking things so I asked him and get this, he’s the man who made the movie.  Meet Tom, whom Charlie adores, see them on YouTube here.

july 8 2009
Charlie is a Black-crowned Night Heron and:

– he’s a predator so is naturally very still and quiet
– he recognizes a camera and poses, he’s a ham
– his nest is East somewhere, no one’s too sure
– don’t ever stand beneath the tree he’s in
– both he and those ducks, called 2 names I shoulda written down, recognize the red&white Rabba bag, and like roast chicken and peanuts
– Tom is really nice 

Been Editing “Exploring A Thunderstorm with Jay”

july 8 2009

Me Today

july 9 2009

A Lunch Date

A quick California Sandwich and dropped him off at work.  When he got in the front seat:

july 9 2009
Me: Look how opposite we are, how each of us fills out the seat.
Him: Yes, you are little, I am big.  You are white, I am black.
Me: You have a passport, I do not.

A joke from earlier but it’s true, I don’t; it expired a few months ago.  First time ever, but at least we’ll learn about the renewal process I suppose.  Oh, and he’d put my card like that.

Two Quick Things

july 7 2009

On the left is Flashpoint being filmed yesterday, I happened upon it on my bike.  The producer I was speaking with said they’ll have been set up there for 12+ hours today and will shoot about 6 pages of the script, about 6 minutes.  

Ugh, I would not want to have to deal with all that equipment, all those people, and they probably shoot in HD which I’ve stated is ewww.

On the right is a protest that has been going on since last year.  I know because every few months I make the same mistake… I turn off Lakeshore to go north here and end up on the DVP, and there’s no exits for a long time.  

Passed it again today coming off the DVP and I still can’t figure out what they’re protesting, but we’ll go stop in one day soon to see.

Another Day of Racing

As IF I’m this lucky.  

What happened was remember when I went it rained hard all day?  The owner of Bridgestone said he felt bad so he was going to do something he’s not done before… invite us back to have another go at it, for free.  Thank you, Brett.

It threated to rain all day but didn’t, so no rain, no pressure of making an episode, a dry track… and I was terrible.  I could not get it together.  I don’t know why.  By the end of the day I mostly had, but my friend was calling me “Special Needs Keri of the Put Put Division”.

july 7 2009

On the right is me driving home on the 401… you can’t see in the photo but there’s a lot going on… coffee, nail filing, car dancing, Blackberrying, it’s just… after flying around with the equivalent of 500 hp, douching along in the studio is so calm and easy.