Haircut Day

Here at Brennen Demelo Studios :

july 14 2009

Me: What’s new now, you’re probably off to something big, no?  Since I cracked it, I know these things. 
Him: Yes there’s some stuff…

– in the beginning of August he’s off to NYC to met with Jimmy Iovine, chairman of Interscope Records.  Woah, I know.  He’s been hired to create the look for a new band that’s coming out soon.  He’s doing this with international photographer (and CDN too) Raphael Mazzucco, top stylist ‘The Inga’, Marcus Tripp and the Ford Artists Superteam

– he did the hair for the September cover of Elle Magazine Canada

Him: And let’s not forget about Rowenta!  In September we stop the wait and start to participate. 

Now here comes the weird part.  When he goes to NYC next month I asked if Jeth was gonna be there.  Who’s Jeth?  WELL.

Jeth Weinrich is CDN filmmaker who is the only one to ever win three Juno’s for ‘Video of the Year’.  Scroll down on that last link to read more of his wins, there’s a lot.  He and Raphael have been working together for years, and I’d totally forgot this fact until last week…

Me: Do you know Jeth?  
Him: Yup.  Great guy
Me: Agreed, funny too.
Him: Wait, how do you know him?
Me: Because way back two years ago when I started this all, he was the first fan ever of The Canadian Explorer 
Him: [stares]
Me: I know, smaaall world. 

So hi Jeth!  Miss our emails!  Especially when you almost hit things taking photos of stuff while driving!  Brennen’s coming with a message from me when he sees you, hope to ttys. 

Exploring a Thunderstorm with Jay

Meet Jay Goldman, aka, Mr. Mobile – that’s the name of his internet show.  Read a bit of background info on this episode here and here

Here’s the link to his O’Reilly book, Facebook Cookbook.  An O’Reilly Book is a big deal, a techy bible, and like, carries serious clout.  Congratulations Jay.

Went for a Little Drive

I had to get away from my desk for a sec tonight, so I went for a drive.

3 squeegy guys OCD’ out on my car, their words, then I passed, get this, at least 15 firetucks. I turned around, I had to know.

Me: How come there are so many of you everywhere?
Firefighter: There was a fire
Me: Oh
Me: What burned down?
Him: Nothing burned down
Me: Oh
Me: What was on fire?
Him: A house [walks away]

I went to find the house, look:

july 13 2009
It was like walking into daylight.  And there’s the inside of a fire truck, you don’t get to see that everyday.  There were emergency people everywhere, an EMS bus, some other rubberneckers like me.  

It was a house on Fermanagh Avenue, no one got hurt, but it was such a big fire (3-alarm) it took them over an hour to extinguish. 

I’m a Toronto Unicorn

july 13 2009

Nothing Much to Report Today

Because I had that “I don’t wanna touch a computer for a few days” thing happening, today was “I’m stuck doing catch-up all day”.  Dullllll.  New episode coming tomorrow though.

Look, I’m On a Giant Razor

july 12 2009

It’s like a mechanical bull, but shaped like razor.  Schick was a big sponsor at the Indy, and that’s where the below moustache photo came from, too.

When I try this again I’m gonna use my left arm, it’s better and am not sure why I used my right.  

The girl in charge said I lasted 31 seconds, but when I reviewed the footage that’s not right, it was 21. Maybe they pad the numbers to make you feel good and buy razors?  I asked and the longest someone has lasted was 1:10+, wow.

This Is What’s Coming Soon

july 12 2009
Meet Nick, he’s in charge of all Honda Motorcycle event stuff and the one who’s gonna take me out for a lesson on that bike there, a Honda CBR 125.  It’s been a bit since I’ve been on a bike, and it’s no secret I love them (had this in my head to do for a long time, and there’s also this).  

I had a Ninja for a couple summers years ago, just a 250, but haven’t been on one since. As I typed that I realized the last four weeks have had a prevalent motor-head theme, huh; nice.  And thanks Nick, for getting me into the Indy.

Things From Today

july 12 2009

Clockwise from top left:

– saw that sticker in one of the display cars at the Indy, love it
– that’s what I look like with a moustache
– me tonight
– haven’t brought that thing in a few years, now it’s in my backseat.  You know what’s coming soon. 

Had to Escape the City

I couldn’t sit at my laptop anymore, couldn’t be here, my head was warping.  

july 11 2009

So on a whim I binned everything, got in my car, picked up some road-trip sustenance and drove to an old friend’s in the country.  It’s nice to be offline sometimes, not gonna lie.

Party Night

Some stops, and at one I met some Twitter friends in real life:

july 10 2009

That’s Casie Stewart in the middle, and Sean Ward on the right, both veteran and renowned bloggers.  Sorry about your weird eyes guys, red-eye-removal really evades me.

Then off to more partying.  That is all.