Two Twitter Things

Last night Rory, the official Real Estate Agent of ‘The Canadian Explorer’, recommended me to Mr. Tweet_Alert  and said that kind thing.  Thanks dude!  Read about our chance first meeting here

july 27 2009

And that tag cloud is apparently what I’ve most Twittered (ha!) about.  I was smirking when I did that because I was like, “hmph, I could be the most inconsistent girl ever, let’s see what comes out of this”.  Not bad… glad exploring is in there, and editing, and the CDN spelling of ‘centre’.

Meet Some of My Cycling Team

july 27 2009
My team is soooo cute!  Left to right that’s Mitch and Mike.  Because to be on my team your name has to start with ‘M’.  What?  Noooo.  Mitch did excellent today, Mike’s registration got screwed up so he got screwed over.  This happened to a lot of people and the organizers blamed all the participants instead of owning up to a crap website.  

I’ve announced to the guys, and now you, that next year they’re gonna ride solely for me, ‘The Canadian Explorer Flyers’; the jerseys will have my logo all giant on their chest and my scrappy printing everywhere else.  I will have team parties and training days and rule with my little iron fist.  Actually, I have no clue how I’m going to afford to sponsor a whole team by myself but meh, I’ve got a year to figure that out.

Mitch is the one who gave me this idea, thanks dude I’m on it.  As well as the finishing up the episode “Exploring Cycling” where I go to three races around Southern Ontario.  It’s almost done, and I’m certain you’ll be inspired to get out and ride when you see me in my… winter coat.  OMG I know, this filming-to-upload time of mine is deplorable. 

A Cycling Race in Burlington

july 26 2009

It rained SO hard all day.  The top two photos are 5 of us squished underneath a one umbrella where we stayed like that for half an hour while they delayed the race start over and over.  It was some of the heaviest rain I’ve ever seen.  And that’s my new friend Keith there in yellow who kills me and who I’d like to have on my team next year.

I did have my camera to film but no way was I bringing it out in the rain.  You have to be sensible about these things, much like my choice of footwear for today WHAT was I thinking?  I wasn’t thinking; woke up and ran out the door and that’s what ended up on my feet dummmb.

@Astroboy, fellow cycling enthusiast, and I were so close to meeting; we’ve been trying for months and keep missing one another.  Oh and you know how I said Brampton is a rich city?  I was wrong, it’s Burlington I confused it with.  Look, there are thousands of houses like that here:

That’s a small one.  I can’t find proof online to link up, but it’s a good source so I’ll say it: apparently more millionaires live here than almost anywhere else in Canada.  And driving around today that is very believable.

They’ve got some great stuff going on here, like the Canada’s Largest Ribfest , one of three magnetic hills in Ontario (oh we’re so doing that) and the Royal Botanical Gardens (which I thought was in Hamilton but found when I got lost en route to the race).  Their sister city is Myrtle Beach.  I wonder what my sister city would be.

PS – Rannie your bench just has to be here in this bedroom community – haha, inside joke

PPS – Above right is my signature driving move

Race Day Me

july 26 2009

Things from Today

Some days I wear a disguise like this:july 25 2009

It used to be just a hat, but on account of today’s freezingness plus my recent new-look epiphany, this is Me Today.

Ran my errands, and in the past I would have driven through that flooded parking lot with relish, but since Jay’s and my adventure I’ve learned that’s unwise.  Then I picked up some dinner and below right is my view as I ate in my car, that’s Cherry Beach.  I go there often, actually, that’s where I filmed, ‘I Read You my Manifesto‘.

Went to a BBQ, threw a ball around, got an editing job lead.  Give me something to throw and I’m happy for hours.  I don’t like to show up empty handed so I brought the host some orange gerber daisies, which he looked kinda confused to receive after he said, “Oh Keri hey, it’s you, didn’t recognize you there”.  Exactly.

[note: as I linked up Cherry Beach above, I learned about the “Cherry Beach Express” and wtf, really?  Maybe.  In my head I’m like, “if I ever saw that happening I’d march right over and involve myself” but I wonder if I really would.  Which is why I need to get going on this

A Little Crafting Was Done

Remember I said I had photos printed?  It was these:

july 24 2009
And by crafting I mean I hacked away the sides with an old Swiss Army knife.  These are both for gifts, I’m not one to have photos in my place, like none. 

Party Night

I went with Casie Stewart and we had an excellent time stuffing our faces and cackling.  I love cotton candy, on the right is round 2.  I went through this phase* where I’d pick up a bag from 7-11 on the way home, eat half of it as I was falling asleep then finish in when I woke up.  We also got tattoos from this nice lady Deyanne.

july 23 2009

But I didn’t let mine dry enough so now on the inside of my suit jacket is half a unicorn. Click here to read Casie’s blog post about the party, see her giant eagle tattoo and watch her video of the Bollywood guy dancing because it’ll make you smile almost guaranteed; he really takes off at 0:13 and you can hear Casie yelling “oh ya!”, ha.

* by phase I mean a year

Exploring Today

I was sitting here updating this blog when @photojunkie popped up in my gmail asking if I wanted to go for a ride, so off we went to Brampton, Georgetown (and some other places I forget) in his new Nissan Cube.  As in the car he won, the one mentioned in our episode. The car that has it’s own Twitter account, ha.

Such a great day, getting out of the city, we probably drove 160km, and isn’t the roof cool? Top right is Rannie teaching me my new move.

We chose Brampton because he’s on the hunt for an antique bench it’s good to do that where a lot of rich people live and get rid of perfectly good things.  Rannie really knew his way around and took me to The Cheltenham Badlands, look how neat it is:

july 22 2009

We thew ourselves down them, and although it’s not so evident in the photos it’s really steep, like steep enough we both had trouble stopping we picked up so much speed.  

‘Badlands’ is a geological term for soft rock filled with iron (hence the bright red), devoid of any vegetation and all hilly like that from overfarming in the 1930s.  This is one of the few areas in Ontario like this, and probably the best of all of them.  It’s an ‘Ontario Heritage Foundation’ site and under the care of the ‘Bruce Trail Association’.

Then Rannie did a panorama so I’m in two now.  See all of his panos (this is what won him the car) in a movie here.  It’s an excellent way to see Toronto; there’s 300 of them.

[And sincerely thank you to all those who wrote me lately, I am feeling much better and you really helped]

My Latest Plan

Okay SO!

– first a one-day exploration to see if I can explore a whole city in a day.  I’m choosing Hamilton since I’ve had a hankering to go there, as mentioned last month

– then, a 3-day trip up north to… I’ve not decided yet.  But this will be a great test… living on the road, how much I’ll have to pack, will I be able to bring my bike, blogging remotely, editing in my car and the hotel lobby, testing out, how difficult will it be to eat reasonably healthy, what will my routine be, will finding internet be tough, how about testing out the Bell Turbo Stick*, how much can I cover on both my blog and in video in 3 days?  There’ll by more questions, that’s all I got right now.

– then a week-long trip, again up to Northern Ontario (figure I gotta take advantage of the good weather) to run a longer test

Until I go and actually try it all out, I’ll only know in theory and well, that rarely works out.

july 21 2009

* that idea came from my childhood friend Scott; he works for Bell and is one of the top Blackberry sales guys in the country.  He called me yesterday to get on Skype video because he had plugged one of those internet sticks into his laptop and took me for a tour around his cottage, and the thing worked amazing.  

A Surprise in my Email

Meet @HeidiSwift, a fellow Wend Magazine Ambassador (and it should be noted a better one than I).  She’s a serious cyclist, loves cyclocross and writes and photographs for newspapers as well.  When I read two specific things in her bio I knew we’d get along great: she wears the same earrings everyday, and her choice of footwear, boots, “is the kind you can get work done in”.  

Late tonight a message came in from her with a link to this video and omg I was floored, look:


A tribute video, love it!  And ya you can match it… I’m the one who dabbles, you’re the one who kicks it serious fitness styles for reals.  Looking great lady, keep going with these!  And thanks, eh.july 21 2009