Me Tonight

july 30 2009

Today’s theme accidentally became “blue dress day”.


Jody said to try her soup, so I did and it tasted like a hippie retreat.

About CDN Opera

I went to say hi to Rose and met two professional opera singers:

That’s Cassandra Warner on the left, Terressa Virchen on the right, and Rose in the background making it all happen.  Catch Cassandra this fall at the Elgin Theatre performing in “Iphigenie en Tauride”, and Terressa is soon moving to NYC to make it big; break a leg, ladies! (and brave of you to let me blog your photo with half-done hair).

They’ve both just returned from Germany where they were performing a Mozart opera at the Lyric Opera Studio .  And if you’ve never gone to an opera, start with Mozart as they said he’s “the starting into opera go-to guy”.

Even more interesting is that apparently opera is flourishing here in Toronto more than anywhere else in North America.  Like, the Toronto Opera Company in their new home at Avenue Road and Queen has had a sold out season whereupon most companies are stuggling and some even closing, like the New York City Opera Company just did.

They also said it’s great here because young singers get a shot at it all where in many other places they don’t, and did you know the whole thing is funded primarily by private donations?  Woah, I know. 

When I found out they had enormus voices I was pumped because I love the stuff and occasionally give a good blast of Nessun Dorma as I’m flying down the road.  Cassandra’s gonna contact me sometime to do a little “Exploring Opera” but lady, you should know I’m crap at singing and only know words to Bjork songs.

I’m a Cartoon

september 30 2009

Aren’t I cute!? ┬áIt arrived in my inbox as a birthday gift and thank you Sean, I love it!

Took Jody to Meet Brennen

july 30 2009

Now he’s her hair guy, too.  I’m a connector… who’s getting ‘the hand’ from Jody because of how she feels about being on my blog.

Why do I look like I’m in shock?  Because I am.  Moments after we all sat down I got a phone call from a friend who correctly identified where I was and who I was with based purely on their psychic skills.  This is a solid source, this is no joke.  I’m not easily freaked out but that made my stomach flip.

Today I’m Dressed Like my Mood

july 29 2009

Got a Fanny Pack

Finally found a simple one at the mall for just $11.  It’s so I don’t always have to wear my backpack on my bike because usually all I take are my phone and keys.

Spies wear these all the time when they’re undercover in the field; it’s important for them to keep their documents on their person at all times.  The real commited ones wire them to their belt loops. 

Read Along from Left to Right

july 28 2009

– should I say it aloud?

– okay…   I’m   burned   out.

– think I’m gonna unplug and go offline for a little bit 

Me Today

july 28 2009

Found that fluorescent guy on my roof after I parked, so I left the windows down a little hoping he’ll move on inside and be my new traveling companion.

Did Some Golf

I don’t even really like golf… the last time I hit a ball was with my brother in Ottawa.  But I’d got it in my head that just once I had to hit the driving range this summer, so I did tonight:

july 27 2009
I’m at the Andy Bathgate Golf Range owned by Andy, an ex-Leaf’s player who, ready?… scored the winning goal in the seventh game to take the Stanley Cup in 1964.  We were chatting and I debated but didn’t ask him for a photo because it felt like I’d be offending him. I think he’s way more into golf now.