Last Night’s Tweet Sure Caused a Stir

Last night I said, “Some guy just told me my handshake is too strong and I shouldn’t do that, I should be more feminine”, and from that I got many responses, look:

 june 13 2009

I was touched, thanks guys.  

And I agree with you all… how can it be a bad thing?  A limp handshake is so ewww.  Once I got a job based purely on my handshake.  You know though, what bothered me most was not his comment but the two spelling mistakes I made when I tweeted it.

From Tonight

june 12 2009

At Harbourfront tonight Cirque de Soleil was doing its dress rehearsal for tomorrow’s Luminato closing show.  My friend and I were were killing ourselves while planning the ‘Great Clown Caper of 09’:

So we’ll dress up in costumes and take to the street… and make unidentifiable noises as we move through the crowd with jazz hands, tapping heads… then we take their purses and bags with a big smile… and they’ll be all like, “don’t worry honey!  They’re gonna bring them back in a magical way.”.  

On the right up there is a palm tree here in Toronto; weird, huh.  I was at some gigilala club I can’t remember the name of, and they were everywhere.  

If You’re Okay with Being Lost…

… this is the kinda stuff that can happen.june 11 2009

En route home traffic just stopped… so instead of sitting in it I took the next exit available. No idea where I am, but my trick is to find the CN Tower and navigate from there.  

Ladida I’m driving along and happen upon Plant World, middle row left, and this is excellent and in I go because on my to-do-tomorrow list is “buy herbs for a birthday gift”.  I always stop to smell the flowers (and soon we’ll go explore the Royal Botanical Gardens where there is a specific flower to find and smell).

The bottom photo is a rare sight… me owning alive-things, which is how this conversation came to be:

Me: Are these filled with bugs?  
Lady who works there: Really?
Me: Ya.  Like, if I leave them overnight in my apartment will I then have a bug problem?
Lady: [blank stare, turns into a smirk] 
Me: Is my imagination working overtime here?  
Lady: Yes, this is borderline completely over-the-top.
Us: [cackling]


june 11 2009

Exploring the Oldest Baseball Park in the World

I’m at Labatt Park in London Ontario, continually operated since 1877.


Things From the Road

Had to go to London then Kitchener today.  From along the way:

june 10 2009

Top Row
Those are directions to the same place… in red are Google Map’s, and beside it in pencil are from a human; humans win.  On the right is a round-about.  They are popular in the Kitchener/Waterloo region, and are much more efficient than the stoplights they’ve replaced.  

The St. Jacob’s road sign reminded me of something I once heard about Amish people… that they’re some of the world’s best designers of… high-end, large-scale weaponry.  

Second Row
An easy joke.

Third Row
All lines on the road should be this colour… it’d spruce up things in the winter, too.

Last Row
That’s an old-fashioned radar-detector.  And on the right is a place I’d forgot about till I saw it.  That’s Brescia, Canada’s only just-women university.  When I had a little home on CBC last year there was a comment box on my page, and someone who worked here had written in a long letter and asked me to come speak there (that’s why I figured it was okay to do this).

Here’s the kicker: I wasn’t allowed to write back to any of the comments left for me on that page.  As I typed that sentence I was shaking my head in both confusion and disgrace… my apologies to those who never heard back from me.

Me Today

june 10 2009

My Latest Parkour Move

It’s called a ‘gate vault’:

Up you climb, fold yourself over the top of the “gate” and throw yourself down the other side using your arms as stabilizers.  Don’t be impressed, it’s very easy and just looks dramatic. It’s also easy on playground equipment like this because the top is smooth… different story when you’re going over a chainlink fence with those sticky-up pieces at that top you need to use pure arm strength to avoid.

What is impressive is this:

june 9 2009

That’s my friend vaulting the studio, and those are his handprints on the roof I should have washed off at the gas station this evening but didn’t because I think they’re funny.

Side note: I was gabbing on the phone while waiting for him in a parking lot.  I saw him in the distance, told my phone friend to hang on and then yelled to get his attention.  I put the phone back up to my ear and proudly exclaimed, “I can yell sooo loud!” and a lady, who had materialized behind me, heartily agreed.   

I’ve got some pals in the speaker business and one of these days we’re going to go do “Exploring Sound”, and I’m hoping they have a little decibel-tester machine we can use to see how loud I can actually be.

Three Little Things

In no particular order:june 9 2009

1 – I have a hankering to go to Hamilton.  I did some looking into what’s there, and turns out there’s a lot, look:

– the first ever Tim Horton’s
– the Royal Botanical Gardens 
– over 100 waterfalls
– 60% of Canada’s steel is produced here
– the HMCS Haida has sunk more enemies than any other Canadian warship, and is the last Tribal-class destroyer in existence

2ET Canada started following me on Twitter today?  Odd.  It’s not like I’ve ever tweeted about celebrity gossip (even though I like it), and my last tweet before that happened was how I’d vacuumed my dishwasher (probably I use my appliances a bit differently than you) so that doesn’t make sense either.  Ah the mysteries of Twitter.

3 – I’ve lost my lucky coin.  Remember when I spent my two lucky nickels during the first, “Exploring the Petroglyphs“?  A friend felt bad, carefully chose a coin and gave it to me as a replacement.  I covered the thing with bright pink nail polish and have kept it in my wallet since (almost two years) but I think I accidently used it to pay for parking last week.  If you happen upon it, I need it back please.

About the New Andy McNab Book

june 9 2009

He’s been in my ‘Top 3 Favourite Authors’ since 1997 but might get kicked out because of this fiasco.  

It’s his latest in the Nick Stone series and 20 pages in it’s obvious it’s been ghost written.  I look forward each year to the latest installation and well, the disenchantment on my face runs deep.
You can just tell; the sentence structure, expressions, rhythm, he’s missing in all of it.  I’m maybe 100 pages in and already have found two chunks of text that’ve been copied and pasted from his other books.  I get that he’s busy and his brand is blowing up, that’s cool, but this is not.

A prediction: you might not yet know him but you will, because I predict his books will be turned into Hollywood movies and the Nick Stone franchise will become as big as the Bourne one.  And get this: he’s sold the movie rights three times to one of his books, brilliant.