From Editing Today

june 17 2009

That’s Glen, member of my cycling team.  We chatted at the Calabogie race for half an hour and today I went through it and pulled the best parts for ‘Exploring Cycling’.  

That’s my system: I only watch the footage when I’m seated with my pen, paper and ready to edit, because it’s never the same the second time you watch it.

Worked the ‘No Doubt’ Concert

‘Just a Girl’ brought the house down, most popular song by far.  Gwen is prettier in person, and nice; she didn’t have to smile at us and make eye contact, but she did.    

Also, an hour too late I realized I’d given bad directions to one of the Bedouin Soundclash guys; he wanted to go upstairs for food but ended up outside the ACC.june 16 2009

This Is a De-Commissioned Printing Plant

Totally randomly I have driven past this place three times in the past week – 30 Weston Road.

june 16 2009 
The ‘junctioneer‘ (a blog about the area) says the place is an old industrial site located in the area of Toronto known as “The Stockyards”.  Some developers (including RioCan – the largest real estate investment trust in Canada) are gonna redo it all.  We’ll have to explore it soon on a weekend day, before it becomes all de-historied and shiny.

Me Today

june 16 2009

If my mouth was stuck like that on the right, would you still be my pal?

Moments from ‘Exploring Cycling’

From editing today.

Below is my team and I.  Too bad we’re all fuzzy; my camera’s not the best.

june 15 2009
Gratuitous logo shots.

Bike Race in Kitchener

june 14 2009

Behold the top left photo… my logo in the real world yesss.  I love today.

I took my bike with me and filmed the last bits of “Exploring Cycling”, and then afterwards went with my team to McDonalds.  Yes, bottom right is a McDonalds.

Me Today

june 14 2009

Work Tonight

A Toronto FC soccer game at the BMO field.  We won tonight and afterwards, right outside my gate (I did this), fans chanted and danced forever, led by that guy and his megaphone who stood atop a garbage can.  

I read in The Star months ago that the stuff that happens at our soccer games would never be permitted over at the Europe ones, neat eh.  Sure they’re loud, but they’re also happy and rarely anything bad happens; don’t believe the hype.

june 13 2009

I Felt Practically Obligated to See This

It’s the Red Ball Project.  Here it is at 567 Queen Street, and these shots are taken from around the back of the building.

june 13 2009

It’s interesting to me how maybe the simplest installation of all the Luminato ones has had the most impact.   It’s squishier than you think, inflated by that there generator and makes people animated.

I had my camera with me but meh, didn’t think the results would be great.  Except if I’d hooked it up to my bike and calmly rode away pulling it behind me… now that’s good footage.

Today is ‘World Naked Bike Ride’ Day

In over 40 cities around the globe people rode their bikes naked to raise awareness of bike safety issues and environmental ones, too.  The Toronto ride was organized by TNT!Men, the same group that lobbied and won for Hanlan’s Point Beach on Toronto Island to be ‘clothing optional’; it’s one of just two in Canada (the other is in Vancouver).

It took me forever to find them (they changed their route from the one posted on their site) during which time I came across a couple protests:

Top left was huge, that photo doesn’t even come close to doing it justice.  I’m pretty sure it was a type of Union protest but can’t find mention of it in the news anywhere… isn’t that odd?  All I can find are articles like this one, with talk of a possible strike June 22 by all the workers who keep the city running (garbage guys, water workers, etc) so maybe they don’t want to give them any press?  I don’t know, I find union stuff confusing.  If you know anything please leave a comment. 

Up there on the right are the Tamil protesters, still on University Avenue.  And bottom is when I finally caught up to the bikers on Queen Street.

I rode with them for half a block then according to their map they were to end in Kensington (makes sense) and pedaled over but never saw them again.  So instead I ate lunch in a park while I watched a fire truck across the street, and saw this car full of dirt, The Community Vehicular Reclamation Project.

june 13 2009