Hit the MMVAs for 20 Minutes

june 21 2009

Clockwise from top left:

– that’s called “dipping the whip” 
– found that on the ground, it’s the red carpet arrival list… like, who arrives at what time in what kind of car to be interviewed where
– that psychic (orange shirt) was doing a booming business
– I’d be interested to know the percentage VS total show cost for the insurance to put the viewers up there on that scaffolding 

Me Today

june 21 2009

Today I Learned to Drive This

june 20 2009

I spent the day at the Bridgestone Racing Academy, a part of Mosport Raceway just outside Bowmanville.  They’ve been open 24 years and get this – have a 24 year injury-free record.

There were 10 in my class, I was the only girl, and the only one who took notes during our morning class.  Some facts:

– they purchased a new fleet of cars just last year (above) – the Van Diemen Formula Car, $72K/each
– each car weighs 1000lbs and has an engine with 170 horses, the equivalent to a 500 horsepower street car
– there’s no neutral, no reverse, it’s a 5 speed sequential shifter without a gear indictator
– the car doesn’t like cruising, it likes only braking or gas (oh okaaaay) 
– driving in the rain (like we did all day) and hitting an oil patch (they’re everywhere) is like hitting black ice (musta spun out 7+ times)

We went out in groups of 5, and after your pit guy buckles you in and attaches the steering wheel you stall three times trying to get out to the track.

Made it up to 5th gear on one of the straight bits, and maybe the best moment was when I was zipping along, hit some oil and the car spun out.  It did a 360 but I pulled out of it and kept driving.  I felt like the coolest girl in the whole world.  Then I smacked the crap out of my right arm trying to cheer for myself and went right back to being Keri.

I filmed an episode (title pending) and you know, it was maybe my most nervous episode to film to date.  I mean, I am supposed to be concentrating on learning how to do something kinda dangerous, not having my mind elsewhere building an episode.

I’m Not Gonna Be Able to Sleep

Late evening a phonecall came in saying someone had had to give up their ticket tomorrow, did I want it?june 19 2009

YES.  So I cancelled all my weekend plans and tomorrow I’ll tell you all about it.  I canNOT believe I’m this lucky… since I’m a little girl I’ve been dreaming about doing this.

A Birthday Party for my Oldest Friend

I walked into the wrong apartment, who were also having a party. They all turned and said “Who are you?” I said “What’s up?!”  

And it wasn’t like a couple people saw me, the whole 20-strong group was posing for a photo, facing the top of the stairs.  

june 19 2009

On the left is during the middle of a toast, everyone standing in a circle.  The girls were done up big in their makeup and clothes; I’d slept in mine.  On the right is the birthday boy.

That’s a Shiny Studio

june 19 2009

I detailed it with a toothbrush and a lot of elbow grease.  Some tips:

– do the interior glass first, then toothbrush, then plastics, then vacuum
– on the doorjams (left photo) open all the doors while doing them, use just a clean dry rag
– do not be like me and leave the windows down while working so dust blows back in and makes you have to do it all twice
– enjoy how much better your car will drive when it’s so clean, no joke

I Watched TV

That may sound mundane, but it happens only a couple times a year.  Put a remote in my hand and I’ll sit there for hoursss.

As I photoshopped the below montage I thought how revealing knowing what a person watches can be, kinda the same as knowing what’s on someone’s iPod or book shelf.

Top left to bottom right:june 19 2009

– ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’.  What exactly are those sunglasses/headphones wired into?
– Finally I saw the show that’s been on every magazine cover for weeks, Jon and Kate Plus 8, and really?  I lasted 90 seconds
– David Blaine doing magic.  Would like to have a coffee with that guy
– That’s some infomercial for I forget.  I adore informercials, always have
– Also finally got to see the girl behind my favourite celebrity gossip blog, LaineyGossip.  That’s her doing eTalk Canada.
– The local news.  I think the worst part about the world switching to satellite is local TV will be pushed out, and that’s not right. 

Where I Slept Tonight

june 18 2009

Cute eh?  Why do these kinda places always have those circular chairs outside?

10 minutes into the long night drive home I realized I didn’t have it in me, so I pulled off the highway and into the first motel I found.

I’ve mentioned before I prefer these type of places, and realized while here that getting sponsored by like a ‘Super 8’ might not be the best thing because it would impede exploring… most of those chains are cookie cutter whereupon if I spend time in one-offs like this, we’ll find out more stuff.  

Except for Fairmont, pleaaase let me get sponsored by Fairmont.

How the Homeopath Went

I opted to go out-of-town to one some people I know go to.  She was nice, asked a lot of questions and when I told her how often I was getting sick she didn’t skip a beat; she said it’s because my body is confused and adjusting to all the health I’ve been sticking in it since my March commitment.

It doesn’t mean my immune system sucks like I thought, its just getting used to vegetables and such.  Also, it’s not like I flicked a switch in March and it was smooth sailing… I’ve fallen back many times.  Immune confusion.

Makes sense, I’ve been living on fast food forever… if I were to die today my corpse would be around for centuries.  I’m not even being dramatic, it’s a real problem… because of all the preservatives in food today bodies are no longer decaying as quickly as they did and graveyards are running out of room.

She gave me some stuff to help me along. 

june 18 2009

Get this: I have to be mindful where I keep them because… they absorb energy.  For example, I’m to take in more copper because it kills bacteria, so that must be kept far from anything electronic.  I buy into that because I know that if you wrap your electronics in copper and electrify it, everything gets erased (spies do that).  

Why homeopath as opposed to a regular doctor?  I prefer the idea of healing through natural stuff as opposed to chemicals.  I read once that, as great (and Canadian) penicillin is, using it to kill off an infection is like getting rid of weeds in your garden by burning it to the ground. 

I Can’t Believe I’m Sick Again

june 17 2009

I was behind an older gentleman at the grocery store when he turned around and said it was hard to see me under my hat.  To which I replied, “that’s the idea!” and punched him on the shoulder.  

Because really, no one needs to see me sick, again.  How can I be young and so sickly? What’s gonna happen when I’m old?  Bed-ridden.com.  

Enough is enough – I booked myself in to see a homeopathic doctor tomorrow, something’s not right.  She told me to take Vitamin C every other hour and those things there on the right in order to boost my immune system.  Okay, but how can you boost something that’s not there?  I need a new one installed, mine sucks.  I am also to sleep in kinda-wet socks in order to shock my body into a fever; wonder if I’ll follow through on that.

On the left is some soup, which I got in my head would be good for my throat.  But turns out no one makes soup in the summer; took darkening a lot of doorways to find it (Swiss Chalet FTW).