Me Tonight

I feel burnt. june 24 2009

Dominos is the New Cribbage

june 24 2009

Jody and I hit a patio but instead of our usual game she taught me dominos.

Her – What are you doing after this?
Me –  Going home to edit.  I’m 5 behind, not including the 2 in my winter jacket
Her – I feel like you just learned to manage your blog regularly and now you’re all “I have to do it all right now immediately”
Me –  Sounds like me, ya
Her – Aim for 2 videos per month, it’ll come
Me –  I guess.  But that seems like failing
Her – It takes time
Me –  I loathe that expression.  Look, I just won the game

Editing Screenshots

june 24 2009

There’s not much to the car when its outfit is removed, huh.


Just finished some filming and probably ruined much of the footage by obsessively looking to ensure the audio was working.

I Cracked It

Today was the Canadian launch of Rowenta’s hair care appliances line, a high end 100 year old German company that specialized in garment care until now.  At my last salon visit Brennen said he was now the North American supplier for their products, so I stopped by to learn and see.

june 24 2009

Their hair dryer operates on AC power (rare), their curling iron heats up to an unmatched 400 degrees, and everything emits ions, for smoothness.

And it turns out Brennen helped design the things.  Seriously, getting information out of the guy is like pulling teeth sometimes.  Because Heather, the Rowenta lady, gave me a brochure which I read when I got home and that’s when I cracked it.

There he is starring in the brochure.  Remember when I said this?  An understatement, here’s the final answer: “… and rigorously tested by some of the country’s top hair gurus including FORD Artists Celebrity Hair Stylist Brennen DeMelo – one of Canada’s cutting-edge coiffeurs styling top models and “it” girls like supermodel Daria Werbowy”.  Ha, and me, rat-nest-head.

He Won the Car

Tonight was the award ceremony for the Hypercube contest, the one @PhotoJunkie had entered and mentioned in our movie.  

june 23 2009

There was a big to-do at Circa Nightclub where they stretched out announcing the winners and the anticipation was intense; they called his name, out of fifty, last.  He chose a blue one, like this.

Congratulations Rannie, looks good on you.

Shots From My Interview

june 23 2009

A successful infiltration of Hearn Generating Station (see the previous post to learn about it).  Used the entry point I’d found, a run through some open space and we were in.  

The place is giant and totally empty.  They’d removed the machinery a long time so now it’s just cavernous and full of puddles and wires.  Notably absent was any graffiti; rare, I think.  

Top left is the control room, our favourite part (we pretended to operate it all… “imagine the power you’d feel?” and “too bad Toronto, lights out!”).  Top right are some souvenirs I grabbed us from said room.

That’s Sean with me, the force behind Generation Go and my interviewer.  Guess I did okay for my first-ever interview, although I did have to be told to give more than one word answers.  And then more than one short sentence.  Pumped to see the finished product, I’ll post it here when it’s live.

Went On a Little Reconnaissance Mission

Generation Go is “an online community for all active urbanites living in the Greater Toronto Area”, and they asked to interview me (!) so that is happening tomorrow.  

They also asked me to pick a location for this interview; I mulled and googled, found a place and drove by tonight to see if it would work.

That’s Hearn Generating Station, a de-commissioned power plant which was once Canada’s first 100 MW producing plant, opened in 1951.  At its peak it was producing 1200 MWs but it was shut down in 1983 when burning coal became unpopular.  It almost turned into a movie studio in 2003, but didn’t.  Its smokestack is 205m, making it one of the tallest things in Toronto.

I don’t know if we’ll be able to get in, heard there’s guards there.  But the photo bottom right might be a good entry point.  If that fails, the backup plan is some great climbing trees across the road.  And the backup backup plan is the beach. 

june 22 2009

Me Today

june 22 2009

Sat Down to Edit Last Night

june 22 2009

So far so good.  But then I opened up my “big interview file”, aka “the ending to this episode” and NO AUDIO. 

That’s Jamie, the head instructor at the school for 17 years and all-around great guy.  He’s presenting me with my “you completed racing school!” certificate and look how much fun we’re having.  

I was still beside myself at this point, from my big day, so he took over the interview and even led us to espouse the merits of Bridgestone tires, to which I exclaimed, “Yup! They’re the only reason I was able to stay on the road!”… “too far Keri, too far”.  

Remember I said I was nervous to film this episode, so much going on?  Maybe that’s how I screwed up so bad, maybe it was the rain, I don’t know.  I had it all worked out in my head… I wasn’t able to get shots of me driving (can’t put my camera out in the rain) but Colour Tech Photography took shots of me and I’ll use them instead, but there is sound missing all over the place.

I am not taking this well.  I twittered last night something like, “There’s no audio, I’m close to tears” but deleted it this morning because I didn’t want the internet to tell him what happened, I wanted it to come from me face-to-face.  Because I’ve cancelled everything today and am about to drive back up there, tell him, and hopefully he’ll do a re-shoot with me.  

Jaime, I’m sorry.