Getting Ready

june 30 2009


People say to me, “you sure must be excited for tomorrow” and I am, but really, it’s Canada Day every day around here.

My Traffic is Going Nuts

Okay SO… yesterday marked my highest traffic day to date: 126 uniques and oh snap, seeing it be more than three digits was exhilerating.  I figure it’s all from one of two sources:

june 30 2009
The grassroots campaign started by Stephane of, which is going great, and a post by my brother on, a car forum for Ottawa and the surrounding area.  Hi everyone!  

Here are some studio facts: it’s 4 door 99 Jetta, it’s in miles, it has 4 summer tires (I don’t believe in all-seasons) and one Friday night this summer I’m going with my brother to an MnM meet, so come say hi.  Oh and Pedobear kills me, too.

Postcard for George

june 29 2009

For this grassroots campaign I’m mailing George my best postcard from my collection. What I wrote says “I’m sending you this so the mail robot stops at your door”.  Because CBC employs robots, see them here.

Cleaned Off My Camera

Here’s some photos I’ve taken over the past weeks but didn’t fit into other posts, so I put them all together:

june 29 2009

Top Row
– when was the last time you saw such a simple remote?  
– that’s the windmill on the CNE grounds, the first urban-sited one in North America. Something I’ve heard before but can’t verify (but the source was okay): when the blade swoops past the base a very low sound frequency is emitted, the exact same one that 2 of 6 speakers in a big movie theatre are dedicated to producing because it’s a sound that heightens awareness in humans (that’s why the movie is always better/scarier/more in the theatre than at home).  So what I’d like to know is, if that’s true, are those who live close to windmills slowly losing their minds?

Middle Row
– I’d like to try wearing shoes like that, and have it on my to-explore list to go to the National Ballet for “Exploring Better Posture” (the time I spent bent over my laptop has me concerned)
– doesn’t the studio look great with the Golden Arches.  Part of that place’s appeal is the ambiance and people watching, it’s always top notch.

Last Row
– That’s as close to Jay and I got to the Fantasy Farm the other day, and it’s out of focus because the rain was making my car shake so badly
– I’m gonna pull over on the 401 before summer’s out and take my photo with that giant flag, love that flag

While a file was uploading (a watched file never uploads) I went for a drive one night.  On the left are people sleeping, just right there like that.  That’s the definition of trust-in-humanity, don’t you think?  I wonder if I could do it.    

On the right is a photo I’ll bet there’s millions of versions of, “oh look honey, such a dichotomy between old arcitecture and the new.  Snap snap”.

Exploring a Race Car

More about this episode here and here.
Note: there’s no footage of me actually driving because my camera’s not waterproof
Note: best thumbnail ever june 29 2009

Rough Copy of “Exploring Racing” Done

june 26 2009

I’ll upload the episode tomorrow evening.

Right now I’m off to pick up an old friend from out-of-town who’s staying over.  So there will be a lot of cackling and not a lot of blogging happening. 

Okay Woah – A Grassroots Campaign

This started last night on Twitter and into today… my friend Stephane has decided to make it his mission to get me onto The Hour to meet George.  Read from the bottom up below:

june 26 2009

If you’d like to help him (and see me be awkward on TV) click on his name above.  And regardless if this works dude thanks, I’m flattered.

About My Birthday

I used to make a huge deal of it, one time I stretched it out to six weeks.

Another year my friend and I had back-to-back birthdays so we threw a party at our house. I’d decided to sew my party outfit, a yellow mini-dress from a 1960s pattern I got at ValueVillage, accessorized with a long white scarf and gloves.

I screwed up and the thing took way longer to make than I’d anticipated.  One hour into the party I’m still upstairs sewing.  Two hours in I’m still there, but now my room is packed with my girlfriends helping me out while the party rages downstairs and everyone knows my birthday outfit is being made by me.

We finally get me into the thing, big entrance time, and I fell down the stairs and collapsed into my party.

Something flipped in me years ago and I no longer like celebrating it, tell no on, it’s not listed on Facebook.  I don’t know why people get all weird about that, telling me I “should have this and that planned”, it’s my day. Here’s what ended up happening.

Exploring with Jay

june 25 2009

Meet Jay, aka Mr. Mobile.  He too has an internet show, see it here

He found me on Twitter and asked if I wanted another interview subject.  I said “how about we go to the Fantasy Farm?” to which he replied, “oh, I’ve heard it’s awful, I’m in!”

But we never made it… today was the worst thunderstorm we’ve had this summer, and like Jay pointed out, driving to the lowest point in Toronto was probably kinda dumb.  

I thought is was great and all amphibious-like going through the giant puddles, but did you know a car does not like getting that wet?  I didn’t; it gets all shaky and hates first gear.  I had to drive around while flooring it later to make sure it dried out, shucks.