Nothing That Exciting Happened to Me Today

And I think I’m getting sick.  Again.  So unimpressed with myself.

Eldon’s Art Opening

Star of the yet-to-be-released “Exploring Art with EldonEldon Garnet opened his newest show tonight, “Dominion and Categories of Disappearance” at the Christopher Cutt’s Gallery (there until June 13th). 

He did photography this time, two different installations.  The first are giant photos of “iconic images that are lyrical yet threatening”, and “we are confronted with the hope of a future in the difficulty of the moment”.

The second installation is a collection of insects “which Garnet has meticulously collected and preserved for the last decade”.

may 14 2009

There’s Eldon there, in black on the left.  There was no way I was asking him for another frame having not yet finished editing the million I have now.

Me: I’m sorry I haven’t finished our episode yet.
Him: Ya, I’m surprised about that.
Me: [cricket, cricket]

Dude, I am sorry.  It’s not personal…  I’m behind on everything.  I’m behind on Wend, 5 episodes, website ads and completing my pitch page, never mind I should be hustling up traffic.  I would like to point out, though, that this here blog has been updated daily for (dare I jinx it) 5 weeks now.  Toot toot.

Note: the above words in “quotes” are copied from the press release at the gallery.

This’ll Be Fun to See

may 14 2009

I was north west today coming back downtown when the place above caught my eye.  

A little googling and turns out I found ‘the largest indoor flea market in Toronto’.  Long time fan of the flea market here; we’re going.  60,000 feet of stuff I don’t need.  Please let the clown on their website be there.

Me Today

may 14 2009

Problem Solved.

may 13 2009

That’s my hard drive since the beginning, and last week it started disabling my keyboard when I plugged it in.  On the right is my new one as of Friday.

I think I have it all backwards… Ryan said never to render to your hard drive, only use it for storage, and the guy at the store said he’d never heard of anyone doing it my way, and with USB. 

So I edit and store the video files on my laptop’s internal hard drive, and just backup to the hard drive with Firewire???  

But then therefore what I don’t get is everyone wants one with the fastest RPMs and faster Firewire… I thought that was because when you’re editing on it you want it to go fast, but if it’s only for storage it would add on probably just seconds, so who cares?  

If you know anything please leave a comment #help.

Stuck in Tamil Traffic

may 13 2009

That shirt I got in grade 12 at Value Village for 99 cents.

And Behind Door #1…

may 13 2009

Cribbage Tonight

may 12 2009
Jody and I are back to our cribbage-on-the-patio program.  Except this time we were inside at the ‘Old York Bar and Grill’ where one lone guy so efficiently served the whole place, plus the bar.  Above is the highest hand we’ve ever seen – 24 points.

Note 1 – woah rare, no website… click here instead

Note 2 – WOAH this place starred in Restaurant Makeover?  Snap, I wanna see that.

Stills From an Upcoming Episode

may 12 2009

I’m trying a new format I thought up… I have footage from stuff I want you to know but doesn’t warrant its own episode, so there’s me in B&W narrating it together.

The Jerseys are Coming

may 12 2009

Hopefully this week… as in my cycling team’s uniform, the ones with my logo “in three places: one on each shoulder and one on the back, and my URL too.”.  That’s what’s being said in the screenshot on the left, en route to the first race.

I’m also telling you about my plan to turn mine into a dress with crinoline and it’s too bad they weren’t printed yet.  On the right is on the way home, and here I’m explaining everything turned out just fine.

Definitely will be wearing the jacket everywhere… my logo walking around doing stuff in the real world?  And those pockets on the back so no purse needed?  Pure sick.