Ran Into an Old Friend

At tonight’s Third Tuesday’s Online Video Meetup (which was sick) I saw this guy:

may 25 2009

That’s RT!, one of Canada’s premiere music video directors.  Nominated for 22 MMVAs and won for Best Director a bunch of times he also (pretty sure this is correct) directed the most expensive Canadian music video ever.  One time I was on a plane flipping around the TV in the headrest and there he was discussing music videos… that’s when I knew he’d made it.

We’ve known each other a long time, a decade anyway, and he’s always been quiet about his achievements.  He probably won’t like that I’ve listed a bunch in the paragraph above but too bad dude, it’s my blog.  Although I must say your new Bay Street address is impressive (smirking right now).

[note: I have got to learn to properly remove red-eyes in Photoshop]

Finally I Made it Inside Today

may 24 2009

Founded in 1890, The Royal Canadian Military Institute is our country’s premier place for military arts, science and literature.  When I was leaving I heard a lady saying they were tearing it down, what?  Then I spotted one of the employees standing outside so went up and asked him if that was true and yes, it is.

He said it’s one of the last places along University Avenue that’s not been torn down but starting soon it’ll be demolished and a 42 floor skyscraper of yup you guessed it, condos, will be built; they’ll occupy the first six floors.

I mentioned I was worried about the library, they’ll be keeping it intact, right?  You just can’t build things like that anymore.  Apparently all the wood will be removed and then put back but really, it’s too small as it’s the biggest and most extensive military library in North America, 30 000+ books.  They have books that no one else has… some hundreds of years old, some worth six figures.

Above are medals from our Canadian Honours System.  From left to right:

Order of Canada – highest civilian order you can get.  Since its creation in 1967 5000+ have been handed out and only 165 living people can have one at once
Victoria Cross – the highest honour given to someone in the military.  Since its creation in 1993 none have been awarded (this one is from pre-1993 when the award had British connections)
Cross of Valour – the highest ranking medal for bravery; 20 have been awarded since 1972
Star of Courage – the second-highest medal for bravery
Medal of Bravery – the third-highest medal for bravery
– Look how decorated that guy is, plus isn’t he adorable?!  He’s Leonard Birchall, one of our nation’s important soldiers.

Then this exciting thing happened, look at this photo:

That’s hanging in a hallway.  I saw the word SAS, stopped, and an employee walking by saw me staring and said:

Him: I like that photo.
Me: I do too.  And I know who that is!

And I actually really do. It comes from reading a ridiculous amount of spy books. Yes I am super nerd.


Operation Doors Open

Ryan, of DearToronto.com and I went to the HMCS York Naval Reserve down on Lakeshore Blvd.  This is the first time I’ve ever explored with anyone, and he filmed too.

I didn’t watch his video until I was done mine and it’s funny, we used a lot of the same footage – watch his below.  I especially love how he used the part where I’m like, “uhoh, I’m chewing gum on camera again” because oops I am.may 23 2009

From Today’s Exploration

may 23 2009
Ryan took this; see more photos of his here.

Editing ‘Operation Doors Open’

Ryan and I went exploring today; I took him to Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship YORK.

may 23 2009

First Bail on My Bike is Over With

Hit 1 guys backpack in a group of 10. Asked them if it at least looked cool.

may 22 2009

It’s a BMX Summer

may 21 2009

I’d forgotten how much fun it is to ride a bike, it’s been yearsss.  So knowing that and knowing I went down some small stairs tonight, not bad eh.  I had a yellow one as a kid.  

Bottom right is a close up of my handle grips.  Sigh, I know.  That’s not even close to how bad the name of it is, ready?  It’s part of what set my brother and I off last night… The Ramrodder.  When he responded with, “paddle on Keri in your douche canoe”, I lost it. 

It came from Hogtown, one of Canada’s largest skate and snowboard shops.

That’s the owner Peter on the left, showing you the LEDs on his new skateboard, and on the right is Pat Allard, he’ll help you find parts while being quiet about his excellent skate skills.  

I realize it sounds obvious, but moving around on a bike is just so efficient… a 30 minute walk is now a 5 minute ball of fun.  Do you know how much more I’m gonna be able to squish into a day?  My world just got so big and full of nooks.

Operation Doors Open

Ryan (of AbootPlay.ca and DearToronto.com) and I are off to film together.  I’m gonna pick him up in the studio on Saturday and have mapped us out a 3-stop, military-themed exploration.

It’s unlikely, but if we did have extra time there’s 3 other spots I’d go, just to see them:

1 – the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library – Canada’s biggest collection of rare books that anyone can access.  That you can film inside surprises me because rare book theft (especially maps) is a serious problem.

2 – Toronto’s first Post Office.  I’m a long time fan of mailing things, and it’s Canada’s only example of a British Colonial post office.may 21 2009

3 – The art-deco masterpiece, the Canada Permanent Trust Building .  I like art deco, want to know how a place could live up to such a name, and am now extra curious on account of just discovering their tiny tiny Wikipedia page (why? because of what I coincidently tweeted earlier today).

This is Me Laughing Reallllly Hard

may 21 2009

Last night my brother called around 11:30pm, and until midnight that’s what I looked like… screaming, jackknifing and I couldn’t breathe.  I knew it was wrong to be so loud that late we but we could not stop; my laugh carries, it just comes out that way.  

One time I was dying in a parking lot and three floors up someone’s head pops out the window, “Keri?  I recognized your laugh” and snap, an old friend I hadn’t seen in years.  

Those aren’t stills; 3/4 of the way in I turned on my Flip.


Things From Today

Left to right:may 20 2009

– that’s Shane, faithful Canadian Tire Pit Stop guy who’s been there every single time I’ve gone for an oil change.  He loves the studio.  And I finally replaced the windshield wipers.

– the amount written on my hand is directly proportional to how busy my day is.

– something I’ve been thinking and researching for 3 months I bought today, Phil there sold it to me.  I’d tell you what it is but that’s its own post for tomorrow, after I return to pick it up.

You know when a whole day just clicks, and even the littlest things line up without effort? Accidental success all over the place… that was today.