Worked the Billy Joel & Elton John Concert

may 30 2009

The place was on its feet after every song… that’d be 35 times.  Ya, long concert.  First together, then Elton, then Billy, then back together for the big encore.  I thought it was nice how two musical giants shared their songs like that, and when they first took to the stage they hugged.

There on the left, that’s my view.  I was stationed at the sound mixer and had maybe the best seat in the house.  You know how I know?  Because for the Elton parts who comes and sits on the crate beside me?  David Furnish.  

I made an effort not to look at him (don’t need a repeat of the Larry incident) plus how annoying for him to be stared at because he’s famous.  Here’s what I tweeted after:

     Tough to tell who TO liked better, Elton or Billy. But David Furnish smells really good.

Cause he does.  And he was just like, nice; Elton’s lucky.  I gave him a piece of gum halfway through and when he left he smiled and patted me on the back twice, sick.  When Elton said he was now half-Canadian everyone cheered.

“Crocodile Rock” was Elton’s biggest crowd pleaser (they lost it) and Billy said “We Didn’t Start the Fire” has had a lot written about it but is actually meaningless. 

My lips there… I only took one photo the whole night and I guess I still had the zoom way up because that’s what came out.  Only one?  Yup, taking photos of yourself in front of 20 000 people is nervousness.

The Toronto Criterium

A ‘criterium’ is a short course bike race usually held in a city centre.  Lots of laps, high speeds (40 – 60km/h) and the riders stick together in a pack or ‘peleton’.  This one circled around St. Lawrence Market, see the course here.

That’s my bike after it was valet parked courtesy of the Toronto Cyclists Union.  Fancy huh.

may 29 2009

No one from my team was present and not gonna lie, I wasn’t that into it.  It’s just not as fun when you don’t have someone to root for directly.

What was fun though was meeting my Twitter friend in real life, @fuzzz, he’s looking good, eh?  I look like I’ve been lifting weights with my neck.  

@ModernMod was there too, but there’s no point in taking a photo of us because I’ll never be able to top this one.  This week he was dubbed one of “Toronto’s most interesting Twitterers” by the Globe and Mail; congratulations dude.

Then I rode home in the rain, totally forget my mascara would be affected and it was all over the place #AccidentalEmo.

Lunch with Jody

We cackled away.  She doesn’t like being in my photos and so instead I have to take ones like this.  We have no idea what that thing is but it’s going into her homemade sangria later.

One quick thing:

Jody: Remember that PSA you made, where you’re promoting being green and recycling?
Me: Yes.
Jody: I just put it together yesterday how your message gets cancelled out since you’re standing on your car saying it.
Us: [more cackling]

So she made me hug this tree, you know, to even it all out.

For the First Time Ever…

… I played an online game (welcoming myself now to 1998).  Even the game was ’98-ish, look:

may 28 2009 
That’s me on the right, and on the left that’s me getting crushed.  Just clicked around like a girl possessed and making snide chat comments to the friend I was battling.

Probably the most fun thing I found about this was how you have opportunities to say things you never would in real life… oh I just paralyzed you!  come to my platform over here!  I think you just set your own knight on fire Keri!  Can you tell how bored out of my mind I was tonight?  Epicly so. 

Yesterday I Was Asked to Make and Star in 5 Movies & Get Paid to Do It

I said no.

It was flattering to be asked to rep a company, however, if I don’t use something I can’t endorse it.  All money is not the same colour.  And I am a stickler for properness… like, I can count on one hand the number of songs I’ve downloaded and that was eight years ago.

Last year I let myself get talked into installing cracked software on my laptop.  But you can’t just do that; I had to then install this anti-serial-number-checking thing, then something else… basically it snowballed and not long after my laptop fried itself.  Apple had to give me a new one it was so bad.  I doubt it was completely from that (I pound on this thing, especially when editing) but yaaa, first and last time.

Why am I telling you this?  

Two reasons:may 28 2009

1 – because I want you to know that the sponsors I partner with in the upcoming months (I’m ready now to start this pitch program I’ve got designed in my head) are things and companies I believe in, use and feel confident telling you about.  

2 – I feel bad for another light day blogging (another big work day today) and so I think I’m subconsciously trying to fill up space.  Note I did not blog about what I ate or anything food related like that; made a pact with myself to not become that blogger.  

Having a blog has meant a real life-shift I’ve found.  Constant documentation, you know? Probably.

Nothing to Report Today

I’ve nada to teach or show you about Canada, sorry.  I’ve been editing-for-dollars (ya I do that) so I was stuck at home all day.  Actually, that’s why this blog has been kinda light in the past week-ish.  

Had I documented today all you woulda seen is a lot of this:

may 27 2009

That’s what it looks like when I’m concentrating… head down, too close to the screen, always hand-over-mouth.  

I did get an interesting phone call though… I’ll tell you about it tomorrow, need a night to sleep on it.   

Me Tonight

may 26 2009

Do it too, it’s here.

Me Later Today

Me Today

may 26 2009
Thanks again lady, for the surprise bracelet gift.

My 2012 Prediction

You know how the Mayans predicted in the year 2012 something huge would happen?  What I think it will be is this:

It’ll be the year that humans begin to control things with their minds.  Thought-reading, powering and moving objects via thought, transmitted through clunky connectors attached to our forheads and secured with headbands. 

It’ll start off small… “change the channel by changing your mind!”, gimmicky things.  Then we’ll be dialing phones, linking into the information net, thinking to Twitter, you get the idea.  It’ll grow big and get away from us, get its own act together, it’s the beginning of the proverbial end.  

Far in the future there’ll be a small group of unpopular people who, instead of downloading the lastest skill set off the ever-present thought net, they’ll choose to learn “the old fashioned way”, trial and error, day by day, slooowly.  

note: researchers have concluded the Mayans never said doomsday was gonna happen in that year, just that something big was coming

note: for a Wikipedia list of things happening in that year, click here.  It’s the transit of Venus that gets me.  One happened in 2004, one will happen on June 5 then not again for 105 years.