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april 16 2009

Something Big Happened to Me Today

April 15, 2009 marks my first official day as “Canadian Ambassador” for… Wend Magazine. HOW sick is that.  

‘Wend’ means to go along in your own way.  They’re an adventure-travel magazine based out of Portland, Oregon who publish both online and in the real world, and when you subscribe to them 25% of your subscription fee will go to the non-profit you choose during checkout.

I have put up my first post on their site in my own little area they made me; click here to read it and see how I ended up there.

Below is Stiv, the editor, founder, owner and star of a video set in his VW (apparently I inspired that!).  And he too loves the Sasquatch.

april 15 2009

Just Finished this Book

april 13 2009
See it here at Chapters.  It’s written by James R. Davis, an ex-Canadian-soldier turned security consultant.  

I’m considering writing to him for advice on my trip… you know, planning my route, necessary provisions, maybe some fighting and surveillance skills.  I figure if he can do what he’s done all over the world my motor trip will be child’s play for him. 

Another 8k Sunday Parkour Run

Today’s route.  Below are stills from my Flip Video.  There’s no point editing any of the footage, it’s way too shaky.  Okay SO:

Top Rowapril 12 2009
Again we had to cross a few rivers by finding fallen trees.  I regret not throwing my camera across so you could have seen me walk upright across them.  And there on the right is evidence of Canada’s national animal, the beaver.  Saw a lot of evidence of them… here I’m pointing out their teeth marks.  

Middle Row
You find the oddest things in the forest.  That’s a computer just laying there (which of course you kick on the way by); I found that flag and ran with it for a bit till I needed my hand back to go over a barbwire fence (3 of them on this run actually); and that’s a very nice spoon I’ll use to stir my coffee.  There on the right is a stuffed animal horse burrowed in a tree.  

Bottom Row
Part of the fun of these runs is you never know what you’ll pop out onto when you emerge from the forest.  Nice house eh?  That’s at York University; and that’s a silo from some stables that look like a cartoon.  

Then that last photo there is the BEST moment by far of the whole day.  The orange arrow I drew shows my route and what was possiblly my most traceuse-like move ever.  I wanna go back and do it again and again and I probably will. 

Above is my gang.

Happy Egg Day

This is my breakfast.april 12 2009

My Team Won!

Today was the first race of the cycling season, and the first cycling race I’ve ever attended. I was being serious when I said I’d acquired a cycling team, like, I’m gonna be on their jerseys and everything.

I went to cheer them on in Clappison’s Corners, just outside of Hamilton.  I’d emailed with Chris, the organizer and president of the Hamilton Cycling Club, and he got me into a car so I was able to see and film the race, and wave to everyone in it; thanks dude.  

From what I learned cycling is grueling, and it’s a sport that’s all like, “whomever can suffer the most will win”.  And the guy who did that is the head of my team, the one in the camo pants there on the left.  

See the race results here; he had the fastest time of 300+ people and will wake up tomorrow the best in Ontario.  That’s his medal, and there on the right is a girl who has a winning team, ha.  

I’m editing the episode right now, it’s coming soon.

How’s This for Meta?

april 10 2009

Went to the Track

april 8 2009

Oh SNAP I’m a happy explorer again; I picked up the studio at the end of the day.

And as luck would have it (well it is the 8th of the month) Dave the owner said it wasn’t the whole clutch that needed replacing but just the clutch cable; that’s half the price.   Then he gave me a 12 item list he’d made me of things that will need to be done soon, itemized in priority of urgency.  

So off I went and promptly got lost in Etobicoke.  And that’s how I accidentally found Woodbine Racetrack

If you’re like me and have never bet on a horse here’s what you do: go up to the second floor, look for the guy in the little booth and get him to help you put $20 on the horse with the best name.  

Top left is ‘Everything Zen’ hoofing it around the track, and top right is my winning ticket; he came in second.  I was SO pumped to take that ticket to the cashier where I proudly exclaimed, “I won SIX bucks”.  Oh and apparently Wednesday nights are the time to come in the summer… live racing and lots of young people.

All Across the City Today

april 7 2009

From downtown, to the east end to pick the studio, to way out to Etobicoke to drop it off, then a long subway back to downtown. 

That’s my CAA driver Shawn, nicest tow truck driver ever.  He let me play his new PSP and even took me on a detour when I mentioned in passing Canada’s only centrifuge was around where we were. 

Turns out it’s in the decommissioned Downsview military base where he said they had installed giant pools of water on the rooftops to fool enemy planes flying overhead: “hmmm, nothing worth investigating below, just some old ponds”. 

The name of my new autobody shop is awesomely named “Auto Shop”.  I’d link up their website but they don’t have one, instead click here.  They specialize in VWs and seem unaffected by my clutch woes; I get to pick it up tomorrow.

Our Coat Of Arms has a Unicorn


And that’s our motto at the bottom, in Latin: a mari usque ad mare (From sea to sea).

april 6 2009