A Hotel Collection

Yesterday while on the road I took photo after photo of the kind of hotels I’d stay at if I was on my trip.april 20 2009

Pretty great, eh?  I’ve always loved these kinda places; character, uniqueness, a little weirdness…

I also want to balance it all out by staying for extended periods at every Fairmont property, during which time I’ll rest, recuperate and catch up on editing.

Drove 886km in Four Days

Isn’t it weird how driving really takes it out of you?  Like, technically you’re just sitting there… I don’t want to have to do that often on my trip.  I think I’ll plan around 4 hours/day driving; that seems reasonable.

And I did it all with the engine light on; don’t tell my warranty company.
Studio fact – it’s…. American.  See how the spedometer is in miles OH WAIT.  That’s 886 MILES I drove.. kay hang on… I’m converting…

Correction: I drove 1426km in four days.

My Team Came Second!

april 19 2009

There’s my team member on the left, holding up his winning cheque ($20) and enjoying being the 2nd best in Ontario.  I like how his arms are the straightest of the three. Congratulations, fellas!

Today’s race was 54km, 1.5 hours and had an average speed of 37km/h.  See the results here.  It was held at the Calabogie Motorsports Racetrack and that place is nice. Smoothest road I’ve ever walked on.  I am dying to come back and film “Exploring Evasive Driving”.

There were more members of my team here today than last week and so there was more strategy involved.  I thought everyone just pedaled for themselves as fast as possible but no.  

A team works together, sometimes drafting each other (one goes in front, others tuck in behind and enjoy a 30% reduction in power needed to pedal; woah eh?) and then during the sprint to the finish they get together and block off other racers so their member can win.

I got some great footage today but can’t decide if I should combine the two races into one episode or not.  And of course something went awry with my microphone so there’s no audio for some of it.  Of course.

Me Today

april 19 2009

Look Who Followed Me Yesterday

april 19 2009

Oh snap.  She’s not following everyone, you know.  Probably she saw me at the concert.

Back on Summer Tires

I screw up every year and by not having them switched sooner.  I also forget every year just how much a difference it makes, snow VS normal tires.  It has not changed the speed I corner at, swear.april 18 2009

Below is a photo taken around this time last year when I was at CBC.  They’d asked me for photos of myself (no Keri, we can’t just use these screen grabs from your movies) so I had to have some taken for my webpage on their site.  They didn’t use the ones below, or really any of the ones I liked; apparently I didn’t look “accessible enough”.  Uh-huh.

Thinking About My Trip

Whenever I drive for an extended distance I pretend I’m on my cross-country trip, and here’s some things I thought:

april 17 2009

Top Photo
– I just really want to go there
– I was designing an editing suite to be setup in my passenger seat.  Think of the efficiency of that
– my windows need to be cleaned 

Bottom Left 
– the schedule will need to be kept flexbile so when things like a ‘Psychic Dinner and Show’ at a Holiday Inn pop up, I can go
– keeping up with my exercise routine is gonna be a challenge, and eating well too; I took this across the street from my Tim Horton’s stop

Bottom Right
– would it be neat to collect an similarly set up image like bottom right in each night?  [upon further thought, no, that would last 4 weeks max).  But where will I be sleeping each night? That’s exciting to me.  I’m looking forward to living in hotels for a year.

Me Today

april 17 2009

That’s Julie, Ted & Me

april 17 2009
Henry’s turned 100 years old this year, amazing eh?  That’s how I ended up there in the first place, I wanted to support a really old Canadian company. 

Because almost two years ago when I started this show I needed a camera, Final Cut Express, and a tripod… and I bought those from Julie and Ted.  I went back today to replace my MonstorPod but apparently I am the only person to ever buy one there so instead I’m being sent to go see Chris at the Queen St. location.  

Fast fact – learned today that of all Henry’s employees have 4 digit employee numbers except for about 10 of them which have 3 digits, and both these guys have 3 ones.  They are Henry’s veterans!

Julie’s even in the current flyer so she signed one for me, look:

I’ve Always Wanted To Do This

Put the studio on the back of one of these and drive around like that.  april 16 2009