Sold Robots All Day

I was at TFcon, Canada’s Largest Transformer Convention; people even drove up from the States.  It was in a 10,000sq.ft. room in a hotel by the airport and I was there helping out a friend who deals the stuff.  

One of my tasks was to build Superion, a Transformer made up of 5 smaller Transformers and ya, it’s harder than you think.  And kinda scary since it’s 25+ years old, delicate, rare and expensive.  It sold.  And that’s the Transformer Bible, no joke.  

I ended up having to get help to finish it.  This ex-soldier guy made it fly together and then taught me how to bring someone to their knees by moving around their knuckles when you shake their hand.  

Top left is a very special, limited edition semi-truck trailer from Fans Project.  Only 500 were made before they broke the mold and all were sold here at the show.  Top right is a dealer there with a rumoured… ready?… $1 million of merchandise.  And there on the bottom are empty boxes for sale. There is even a scale (1 – 10) to rate the condition and quality of a box.

Top right is the Superion I built, bottom left is an Asia exclusive set and bottom right are ones from circa 1980, $90+/each.

There’s also some photos of me and people dressed up as Transformers (my friend has to email me them still) and wait till you see the yellow one (Bumblebee?) – amazing.

Said I’d Show You These

april 24 2009

They’re not showing up on camera so hot.  They’re good and swollen still, think it was from the railings.

Booked a Most Exciting Exploration Today

Meet Geoff Green:april 24 2009

[photo by Tyler Kuhn]     
I read this morning that the Green Living Show was held this weekend at the Direct Energy Centre.  So I’m clicking through the itenerary and see Geoff is speaking at 2pm: a member of The Explorer’s Club and real life Explorer, one of the top 5 in Canada.

After his presentation I went up and introduced myself, told him how I too was an explorer [and gestured with my hands to show the difference between us] and hey, I’d like to interview you in my car for an episode for my show, what do you think?

And Geoff said YES.  Interestingly, he didn’t seem phased I wanted to film in my car, didn’t even acknowledge it… 

Then we were chatting about The Explorer’s Club and I mentioned the video I’d watched where a member rode his horse into the Waldorf Astoria during their annual dinner and Geoff said he was there for that, nice.  

I’m pumped; like, this guy is a big deal, read a good bio here.  He said he’d like to discuss the definition of “explorer” and what that means / should mean.  I’ll ask him about him leading over 100 expeditions to the Arctic and Antartica with his organization Students on Ice, his sweet boat, and any advice he may have for my trip.  After everything he’s done my jaunt cross-country in a car would be be peanuts for him.

Had to Replace Some Gear This Week

april 24 2009

That’s my old mouse at the top, see where I wore it away?  That’s editing.  It started this week only double-clicking so there below is my new, less-superior mouse.  I took my old one with me, “Hi. I need another one exactly like this”, but it’s been discontinued.

The newer version one is bugging me…. it’s like, too slick; the wheel barely clicks when I scroll.  And it’s bugging me that I am attached to a piece of plastic.  And how an old person’s hands are supposed to open the plastic packaging on a new mouse is beyond me.

And there’s my new MonsterPod, an essential piece of equipment.  I wore it out, too.  See it in action here.  I have a nagging feeling I should stockpile some because they told me the same thing at the Henry’s in Toronto as they did in Kingston: you are the only person to ever buy one.  

Best Parkour Run of My Life Tonight

Some screenshots from the footage I took:

This is a “Precision Jump”… you leap from one thing to another and land solidly, not like, flailing about.  The photo on the right is me laying between the two things I jumped; I’m 5’2” and there’s a few inches above my head.  And while maybe the most boring parkour move it’s one of the toughest because it’s almost all mental.

That’s a “Kong Vault”.  I’m at the little garden area in the middle of Nathan Phillips Square. Cute fence eh?  And that heater throws off a surprising amount of heat. 

The hardest thing I did all night (three times).  I stood on top of a handrail, reached up to that little roof overhang and pulled myself up to the second story of the back of the Eaton Centre.  Alllll arms.  april 23 2009

Wait till you see my new bruises; they’re already light purple and puffy… I’ll show you tomorrow.  

Things From Today

Top Two
This is one of those shredding trucks that have been fascinating me since I moved here. They pull up and shred whatever a business gives them.  I’ve been wanting to explore this, but it’d be a short exploration since really my only question is:

Me: Have you considered a lucrative side business by providing sensitive corporate espionage information to interested third parties?

That’s my own personal shredder there on the right.  That photo is from weeks ago when my Visas were compromised and I had to get new ones.  I shred everything.

Bottom Left
It’s a crap photo, but what it is is looking out the window of the restaurant I’m eating in is a reflection of a TV playing the Food Network behind me.  

Sometimes I think there’s a secret to life when I see this.  Like, looking out the window I can either watch the TV, or, adjust my eyes just a little and watch what’s happening on the street.  Which gets me wondering if maybe that’s the trick to it all, adjusting your eyes just a little and whammo – enlightenment.

Bottom Middle
That’s my new thing: Vitamin Water.  After my shift the other night there were two cases of it waiting in our ops room (classy, eh) so I had one for the first time and it’s quite nice.  It’s not sugary like other power drinks (is that what I call them?) and the sayings on the bottles are clever.  Plus it’s good for you.

Bottom Right
I adore the night; everything is better at night.  Sure it’s also nice also to see the sun come up, and I wonder if I should be training myself to sleep in shifts so I can have the best of both worlds.

About This Show of Mine

Here’s my new target:

– Daily blog updates;april 23 2009
– 5 Tweets a day;
– At least 2 weekly previews about what I’m filming / editing, and;
– A new video each week.

It came about from a conversation I had today.  Will see if I can pull it off, because I meant what I said last week. So maybe you’re like, “then why have this blog and internet show?”. So the episodes will stop playing in my head.

My Physical Address

If ever you want to write to me so I’ll get something other than bills in the mail, please do:

157 Adelaide Street West
Suite #352 
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 4E7 april 22 2009

If you would like one, write me and I’ll send you a postcard from my collection: 

[postcards by Hotzee or Valhalla Cards]

That thing poking into the picture bottom right is my lottery ticket.  I haven’t taken it in because by not, it keeps the dream alive.  

I keep in there on my fridge among all those Canada images like somehow the ticket will soak up my trip idea: Winner! Gagnon! Vas-y!

This Is The Goal…

When I can go for a run, come flying down the street, vault this and keep going all in one, fluid motion then I will call myself a traceur.

This is some type of elaborate door-stopper I’ve been eyeing up for a long while; it’s on Front Street across from CBC.

Work Tonight

Nicole Ritchie launched her jewelry line at Holt Renfrew tonight; they kept the store open, served drinks, people shopped, met Nicole and bought her stuff.  

I was stationed outside of the bathrooms and had to ensure anyone going in didn’t take with them unpaid merchandise.  So basically it looked like I was eye-raping everyone but I prevented any thefts so yaaaaa.

Here’s me in a disco ball, and beside that are the gift bags I helped the salesgirls organize (200+ of them).  

april 21 2009

You do not even realize how much I want to be sponsored by Holt’s.  Ever since the beginning of the show I’ve wanted that.  Canada’s most giglala department store?  Yes please.  I even have the best tag line I invented.

At the end of it all I had to clear the washrooms (don’t I sound so spy-like?) and found two ladies inside.  So instead of giving them the boot I joined in on their conversation and we were cackling away.  I maintain that the girl’s bathroom is often the most fun spot in a place.