Worked at Massey Hall Tonight

The event venue.  It was built in 1894 by the Massey family, as in the tractor people.  I know, eh!

Probably the best part are the seats:

You’re able to actually sprawl out while enjoying a show, and it kinda scares you when it first happens because you aren’t expecting a theatre seat to tilt.  

If ever you go aim to get Row I, Seat 26, regarded as the best seat in the house.  It’s at the edge of the incline so your view in front is unobstructed, and far enough back so you can soak up the whole stage without moving your neck.

Chatting with a Renowned CDN Blogger

Meet Rannie aka @PhotoJunkie.  He’s won 3 Bloggies for “Best Canadian Blog” and, I love this part, because he kept winning the rules were changed that once a blog wins three times they are now in the ‘Hall of Fame’ and can no longer win.

We doubled down: 

– he’s in a competition to win a Nissan Hypercube – Vote Now Here!  He’s been shooting a series of panoramas around Toronto for the contest and I had suggested via Twitter that he shoot one of my favourite places in Toronto, the RC Harris Water Treatment Plant.  So we met there and my head is now in the panorama.

– I invited him into the studio for a chat about what it takes to be a successful blogger (and forgot to clean the camera lens, yaaa).  He had excellent advice, the stuff that stuck in my head most being:

– be consistent
– be topical
– be timely
– the first 100 visitors/day are the hardest
– and, “Keri, you have to have this video we’re making done by May 5th”.  

Okay dude, let’s see if I can.  Thanks for taking the time, and good luck winning a Cube.

Harbourfront at Night

Top is a Dr. Seuss-ish walkway being built, and bottom is a landmark I know you know.  

I may have come up with a sick idea while strolling around tonight, a film project to be worked on throughout the summer and shot around August.  I’m ruminating.

Meet Evan of Artik

april 28 2009

He’s the one who makes my business cards (see them here and here).  

I wasn’t there for me though; I’d made some for my friend and was picking them up.  On the right is my new water bottle, a parting gift; thanks dude.  I chose these guys because they’re a 24 year old Canadian company who can print anything.

What I want printed are two flags, mounted on those white sticks (like the one in my Intro) that I would put on either side of my hood and drive around as if my car was an official vehicle.  That’s good footage.

Girl with a New Haircut

Of all my movies there’s just one who’s views are hugely higher (six times as high) and that’s the one I made with Brennen.  

It’d been puzzling me until earlier this week when it hit me, so I asked him today, “you’re way more famous than I realize, aren’t you?”, and I got a little out of him:

– tomorrow to Montreal to do the cover of September’s Elle Canada, a now-regular gig;
– he did both Biotherm and Lancome‘s spring product releases
– he’s currently featured in magazines FlareLush, and LouLou, where there’s a writeup saying he’s the go-to salon in town;
Raphael Mazzucco, world renowned (and Canadian) photographer requests Brennen specifically, and he recently returned from New York doing just that. 

april 28 2009

He’s got a new salon and I’ve got footage of it in an upcoming episode.  He’s also decided on the theme of our next movie, “Exploring Keri’s Hair Getting Longer”, where he covers my head in huge hair extensions and I can’t wait; ponytail of my dreams.  

While Going Through Paperwork…

… I found this photo:

That’s the first ever quilt I made.  I used handkerchiefs and won’t ever, ever again; the material is way too thin to be reasonable.  
Just to say it, that’s a very complicated pattern.  And the quilting (definition: stiching through layers of fabric to create a design) is intense.  You can’t really tell though because I used a disposable camera to take that photo.  No digital you say?  Nope, here’s why:

I had a digital camera before many people even had heard of them (“did you take the photo? There was no click?”).  My dad was a geek therefore I was a geek, and above was a Christmas present circa 11 years ago, an AGFA ePhoto 307: 640×480, 4 AAs, used a serial cable.  

It went everywhere with me (note the green tape) and I amassed thousands+ of photos. And then my computer tanked, every single one gone, my heart broke and I vowed never again.  And until I got my Blackberry I haven’t had one.  

Tax Time

One year ago tomorrow I founded my first company, and starting last night and into today I completed all its tax stuff.  

So nothing that exciting to report.  I did get to thinking that paying tax isn’t such a bad thing because… the more tax you’re paying means the more money you’re making means the more success you’re having.

Me Today

april 26 2009


Woah someone was just on my computer. I restarted and am now locking my wireless. Losers.

I’m sad I had to lock my wireless b/c it’s the virtual equivalent of leaving your door unlocked. I named it “OperationNO”.

Went Over & Fixed my Grandma’s TV

And as many Grandma’s do, she has photos of me hanging up:

april 26 2009