Look What Andy Gave Me

march 7 2009

That is an authentic meal from the Canadian military, an IMP, aka a military ration.  I’m so pumped because I’ve always wanted to try one; the people in the books I read are always eating them.  He gave me two actually, the other one is a breakfast theme and it’s in my trunk.  

If ever I have someone with me in the studio who is fainting from hunger I can now solve that.  The one above I’ve got displayed on my kitchen shelf, like art.  

Yesterday I Was 3 feet From This

march 6 2009

Andy went out fishing again today, and emailed me this after.

The Big Apple

march 06 2009
Seen from the 401 not far from Colborne.  I cannot find the website for this bakery, if you know it email me thanks.

Did you know Canada has more “the biggest XXXXX in the World”‘s in the world?  See them at BigThings.ca.

Exploring Ice Fishing

I came up to Eagle Lake with Andy, who brought along his friend (and my new one), Tex.

Quick story: while sitting on the ice Tex told us how there was a group of professional divers working in the lake a few years back.  All of a sudden they shot up to the surface and refused to ever ever go down into the lake again.  They were that spooked AND refused to talk about what they saw.  And these guys are professionalsmarch 5 2009

Weird eh?  And Tex is not a guy to elaborate or be dramatic; I believe every word. He said maybe they saw an Ogopogo.  Me: “what is that?”.

Well!  Turns out Canada has it’s very own Lock Ness Monstor kinda guy, an Ogopogo.  I added that to my trip list > Go visit the Ogopogo in BC.  Along with searching for the Sasquatch, we will be busy.


So Many Easy Jokes

march 4 2009

Anyone Else Perplexed by These Ads?

They’re all around town.  Big inventions, a photo and then their logo.  They’re innovative beyond contact info.  

So off to google, here’s the URL; it’s an exchange program for American kids.  I know, I don’t get it either.  march 3 2009

But now I want a video pillcam.  Imagine the exploring to be done with that.

Worked the Nickelback Show

Oddly enough I got the exact same post as for Alan Jackson.  Like, 3 of us flipped a coin and still.  So I’m pals with the zambonie guys now… one of them gave me that toque and another some pizza covered in onions, thanks guys!  

Tonight the dressing room was used by the guys in charge of all the pyro and explosions. CO2 is used to make those geysers that shoot 25 feet in the air.

Did you know how many big big hits Nickelback has had?  Holy crap I didn’t.  I kept going, “this one too is them?”.  And top right is the band’s travelling washer and dryer; they use Tide.march 2 2009

Look What I’m Ordering

march 1 2009

It’s Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Workout.  I see it like being Baby-P90x.  Plus Tony sends you a book telling you exactly what to eat every day.  This part is very important, I haven’t the first idea how to go about this.

It’s March 1 so it has to start, it’s time.  Look how happy I am about it. 

I believe in Tony’s system, a no-nonsense: do this for exercise exactly, eat this exactly, repeat repeat repeat tada, now you’re fit and like vegetables.  This isn’t the first time I’ve tried something like this, two have come before… “Body for Life” and a system written by an ex-SAS guy.  I finished neither.

It’ll be here in about a week.  So today in preparation I went to the gym that I guess has been in my apartment building all this time and just like, moved, for exactly 30 minutes.  In a nod to my head cycler I rode the stationary bike and lasted for… 6 minutes.  OMG I died of boredom and it was awful.

Found It

march 1 2009

Whew.  Yesterday I went to replenish and freaked when it couldn’t be found.  They just can’t go under, like the lady at the checkout said, “it’s a staple, like Vaseline”.  

Ya I’ve been using it for yearsss.  Not gonna lie, I like that it’s my name; they’ve got a customer for life here.  And the stuff actually really works. 

Here’s What It Was Cut & Pasted Into

march 1 2009