Me Today

march 25 2009

The BMO Field

march 23 2009
I attended a 3 hour orientation for the BMO Field tonight, for work.  Here are some facts:

– this is the home of the Toronto FC, Canada’s first Major League Soccer (MLS) team
– it’s also the home of Canada’s only Major League Lacrosee (MLL) team, the Toronto Nationals
– games go on rain or shine
– apparently soccer fans are very… intense.  The circles on the map above indicate sanctioned areas for these fans to be intense
– and the 2 circles with the $ signs attached indicate where the pricest seats are
– you cannot bring neither hairspray nor silly string into the BMO
– most food concessions accept only cash, and there are no concession stands anywhere on the north side. But if you’re allergic to peanuts don’t eat anything here
– you’re gonna want to avoid driving here on April 4th and June 6th & 24th because there’s something happening in every single building in the CNE and good luck finding parking
– there are only 4 drinking fountains, located in sections 111 and 114
– the field is fake, it uses FieldTurf
– there is a 95% renewal rate on season’s tickets

These Here Sticky Notes…

march 22 2009
… contain my epiphany this weekend about the format of my show.  I think this new way I can fit more and offer back and ya, it just really came together in my head.

First Shift I’ve Ever Requested*

Worked the Britney concert.

march 19 2009 
That’s confetti falling from the rafters.  My thinking is anytime you’re somewhere and it’s raining confetti, it’s a good day out.  That’s the back of one of the two-seater couches directly in front of the stage, surrounding the stage, very VIP, $1200 each.

I was stationed at the sound mixer so not only did I not have to speak or interact, I was able to stand there with an excellent view and watch the show.

At the opposite end of this area was the ultra-VIP zone; 10 folding chairs and an uninterrupted sightline.  And that’s where I saw Larry Rudolph and subsequently got busted staring at Larry, by Larry.  I just want to have a coffee with him, imagine how much I’d learn?  Instead I accidently became that creepy-security-guard-girl.

She had exactly twice as many trucks as ACDC and the audeince was on its feet the entire time losing their minds.  And apparently the tour was very impressed with us security guys; yeah Canada.

* I would also request Bjork, and any symphony.

11k Parkour Run Today

Here’s where we went today.  It took 3 hours to get there and a 45 minute TTC ride to get back to where we started.  Again we went through every kind of terrain, maybe the best was when we crested a hill and happened upon a minuature golf course.  

So we’re in the forest and it’s reallllly muddy and my friend slips and flies down a hill and of course I laugh, and not 30 seconds later the same thing happens to me so I reach out and grab a tree branch to stop myself from falling (it worked) and jam the crap out of my left middle finger; it’s already blue.march 15 2009

As great as some parkour movies are out there, you can’t really appreciate it until you see it in real life.  And the fitness of these guys is retarded… hours in I’m barely jogging along and they’re sprinting and hopping fences in one bound.  But even the little fitness I’ve started to do has paid off, “hey Keri, you’re so much less weezy this time”.  And just to say it, I descended the giant tree with the most grace.

Check out these photos from our end point; the place is AMAZING.  It felt like an entire different world, like we hopped a fence into Myst.  

Dinner with Mario

march 12 2009

Meet @MarioBourque, I did tonight.  We met on Twitter and then had dinner at Terroni.  I might be addicted to Terroni.  

Great dinner with a great human, and he’s confident he can help me find someone in town to help me get my website finished.  I’m confident in his confidence.  And I can eat more pizza than him.

Check Out My Sweet Skeleton

march 12 2009

Yup it’s fake… starter grill!

At my checkup today they freaked at my gums… measuring them, discussing, faces concerned.  They’re sending me to see a gum specialist because turns out it can be serious, and holy crap I had no idea that gums do not grow back.

It’s from brushing too hard, I know it.  You know what else?  I’ve never had one cavatity ever.

Picked Out My Summer Shoes

march 11 2009

Nailed the New Site Design Tonight

march 8 2009

Every Home Needs a Bit of Canadiana

Went for a long walk this afternoon… started up on Bloor Street then ambled all the way down Yonge.  And look:march 8 2009


HOW perfect are these shoes for me?  They’re by DSquared2, one of our country’s premiere designers.  And that photo on the right is the latest, and my favorite, addition to my Canadian postcard collection.  It’s made by Hotzee, a Canadian company which I’ve added to my “to visit” list.  I’ve got to hang a few more up then I’ll post a photo of them all.  

Okay, a confession here… I have zero resistance when it comes to buying tacky souvenirs, always have.  And I really lose it in truck stops.  During my cross country trip it’ll be tough, I know it.  

I’m gonna have to start holding contests, “Hey!  Enter to win all these precious things I’ve collected!”.  I did exercise some restraint today though, the below two photos on the left are things I left at the store:

Pretty nice neck pillow, eh?  That’s a mirror and key-chain holder in the middle.  The book, So, You Want to be Canadian is something I will buy though, but it was locked up in the store today.