Puffy Toronto

march 30 2009

How cute is this?  It was on display at City Hall that time I worked there.

Hello, An Update

Okay so:

Still getting the hang of blogging.  Like, all the documentation is done and saved chronologically on my hard-drive but publishing it… is so different, even though really all I’m doing is putting the same files from one folder into another.  Have had this blog for 7 weeks now, I’m 4 weeks behind on it, and 2 episodes too.  From “Ice Fishing” I figured out that the new cardinal rule is to never sit on footage ever in your life.

From that epiphany I had a little ago I figured out a new format for the show that I’m pumped to try.  I was going to film the last bit of it this weekend, but look how sick I am:

That’s me this afternoon.  I woke up with a fever on Friday and it’s been downhill ever since. Would you wanna watch that narrate a movie?


2 very exciting things happened to me on Monday then Tuesday, the timing of which was epic.

I met Eugene from TubeMogul and guess who can now offer the best analytics that exist? The Canadian Explorer.  He’s gonna turn on the premium features because half of TubeMogul is Canadian.  Which also explains why their product is incredible.

And then I met Stiv, Founder & Editor of Wend Magazine…  please say hi to the new Canadian Ambassador for Wend.  Ha!  He’s invited me take up a mini-residence on his site and he’s shipping me gear as well.  I was hyper for a long while.  Wend’s gonna come along for “Exploring Looking for the Sasquatch” in BC.

One last thing, the new website is coming along awesome.  There’s serious behind-the-scenes work going on and by Wednesday my email shoud be hooked up and URLs re-propagated therefore making it the first official day the stuff written on my business cards all works.  @ilowelife and I are a good team.  Well it’s pretty much all him; he has sick CSS skills.  

Studio Wash

march 29 2009
Got the good one, with the colours… which is how you know it’s getting really clean.

Oh No… I am SO Sick

march 28 2009

My Favorite Weekly Meet

We meet at Cloud Gardens then run through the Financial District.  If ever you wanna come go here for details.

From left to right:

– that’s my very favorite thing to do here… I run and kick up that wall, pull myself up those bars and the best part is swinging up to the railing ontop because it feels like for one second I’m weightless

– the jump I pansied out on.  I almost did it but then climbed back over the railing.  I don’t know why I’m being a baby about it, I did it last yearmarch 27 2009

– my head went right in-between those two posts.  We’ll call that extremely lucky.  I threw myself over a railing in a turn vault, lost it, pitched forward with some speed and that’s where my head went.  That would have been a good concussion, my ninth, so whew to that.  It was a foolish mistake, I woke up a fever so I’m kinda off

– then I kong vaulted that, I got my kong back!  Took me a while to make it over without putting my feet down.  This sport is 80% mental and konging a concrete barrier is how I hurt myself so badly in October.  So ya, kinda proud.  Then I did 10 in a row to memorize the feeling, and sent myself home. 

Business Cards, Round Two

march 27 2009
Much better than the first time; cleaner, sleeker, Jody would approve.

Evan of Artik did a test for me on their linen card stock but my logo comes out fuzzy because of the fibrous material, so no.  

When I asked if I could keep the test page he looked at me strangely, “but how often do you get to see your signature printed out that many times?”.  

I Travelled Back to 1982 This Morning

I went to a… ready?… aerobics class!  I met up with my friend, she goes all the time, and grape-vined my heart out.  I quietly added in some jazz hands for pizazz. 

Then we went and grabbed a coffee and drank it while looking at this, pretty huh?  We’re at Balmy Beach in the Beaches, and not far from my new favorite place in Toronto.

march 27 2009

Dinner at The Keg

Now that I know all about calories and actually care I looked up how many of them I was going to be eating tonight before I went over (1650).  But what I found was more interesting.

George Tidball founded The Keg chain of restaurants in 1971.  The first one was in North Vancouver, now there are over 100 of them.  But you know what George did before that? He was the first person ever to bring McDonald’s to Canada, 1967.  I know, wow.

march 26 2009
I met my friend Winnie at the one on York Street.  We always sit at the bar and eat among the action.  Thursday nights are very busy here with all the financial and Bay Street people. Which makes me wonder… since these are the people who affect Canada’s finances are Friday’s financialy effed because they’re all hung over?

And just to say it, no less than four guys came up to us to say how amazed they were to see us both eating not just a salad.  I had the filet mignon and Winnie, she can eat a 16oz. ribsteak.  That is impressive.

This Could Work for My Blog Party

It’s The Great Hall on Queen West, run by On The Move Catering.  I worked here tonight keeping it safe and quite like it and the owners, Lino and Don.  And turns out Lino founded those Lettieri coffee shops all over the city, neat eh.

Studio Maintenance

Remember when I was told to get power steering fluid?  I went over to the Volkswagen Downtown Toronto to pick some up and then perused the showroom, sizing up potential studios and bugging the salesman with questions.

march 25 2009

Turns out Awin (that’s what’s written on my hand there) is the company that owns them and 16 other VW, Audi, Land Rover and other dealerships in and around the Toronto area.  I’m absolutely going to write them a letter.

Me: Okay that’s great, thanks.
Salesman: Wait a sec, why do you want to know all of this?
Me: Because I have an internet show starring my car and I’m going to write them to ask for a new one.
Salesman: [his face says ‘this girl is delusional’]

Then I took said fluid over to my Canadian Tire where Zaid [front right] took care of it even though he was  done his shift and on his way home.  Nice, eh?  That guy in the back was nice too, but I’ve never seen him before.