I Refrained From SUCH An Obvious Pedobear Joke re: TO’s crest

Just saying.february 10 2009

Look Who I Saw Today

That’s Gordon Ramsay signing his new book.  There were more guys than girls there.  

Hey Gordon, I officially challenge you to put together a meal from what’s in my cupboards and fridge… betcha can’t.february 9 2009

So it’s Official as of Now

I launched this website today at 11:59pm.  Here’s how it is:

february 8 2009

No ads, very minimal, awesome load time.

Doesn’t It Look Like They’re Blowing Up?

At work tonight.february 8 2009

Work Last Night

I’m at WinterCity in Nathan Phillips Square.  From left to right:  

That’s me and my ship.  From my post I could see the show well, the one where hell realm beings appeared and strolled through the crowd.

Then I got shipped off to outside The Stills dressing room.  Later I left them to it and wandered City Hall, found the Mayor’s office and then this crest.  Didn’t know Toronto had it’s own crest.  Our motto is “Diversity: Our Strength”.

That last photo is of the signboard that tells you the things available inside City Hall; feel-goodery found here. 

Hoping to Carry A Torch

At my haircut today Rose, Brennen’s right hand girl, was telling me how last night she signed up to be in the Olympic Torch tour.  So she pulled up the site and I signed up.  Up.february 6 2009

Did you know it’s the longest torch course _ever_ in Olympic history? Oh Canada!  It’s 45 000km and it’ll take 12 000 people 100 days (120 people / day, 5 people / hour).  

It even goes up to Alert, Nunavut, the most northern city in the world with permanent residents.  There’s 5 of them.

Do it too: CarryTheTorch.com

Oh and I spelled L’Oreal Professionel wrong in the movie… it’s an E not an A near the end because it’s French.

An Email I Just Wrote Summing Up My Day


P90X eh? Those guys must be super cool.*

Wednesday I sat down at my computer and then 10 hours later tada! a job i’ve been putting off for 2 months is done.

Filmed the second half of my Eldon episode today.  At one point we’re doing shots of him and one of his pieces and then as I’m climbing back in my car he looks at me all confused: ah Keri, you sure you got enough footage? me: I make 3 minute movies dude, 3.  

I’m getting my hair done tomorrow.

I’m gonna do some editing tonight.

I am now officially drowning in footage.  My camera is full of unedited stuff… that’s 7 hours.  

Did I tell you I now have a cycling team? 

Okay bye

*note – I was supposed to start P90X 5 weeks ago.  

More Filming with Eldon Today

While driving around in the studio we stopped at a light, looked right and simultaneously took a photo of the same thing, this:
 february 5 2009

I’ll Eat with Anyone

february 4 2009
This is my new friend, Gerry.  He’s cute, eh?  

See that paper in his hand?  Just before I took this photo he’d been analyzing my handwriting.  Apparently I’m very hire-able.  

DONE and Done.

I made a list, pulled up those three files and sat down.  10 hours later I got up and tada, a job I put off for months is finished.  I’m gonna wake up at least 3 pounds lighter.february 4 2009
I’m running everything through TubeMogul.  I can’t imagine doing that job not using them – 10 uploads with them, 100 uploads without them.  Plus they have a great thumbnail-choosing system, and choosing the thumbnail might be the most fun part of making a movie.