This Could Be a Fun Job

Toronto Tours is hiring (top left).february 16 2009

Happy Family Day

february 16 2009

Isn’t This a Big Ambitious?

Happy Flag Day

This was our old flag until today in 1965:

For 97 years (starting in 1868) our flag has looked basically like this, minor alterations to the crest only. There’s always been a maple leaf though, guess we’ve always loved them.  

It was probably an exciting day 44 years ago when we got our new, far superior flag.  Glad they did it over, this design is just so… flageee. Having a crest on your flag is so 1882.


february 14 2009

Fingers Crossed

february 14 2009

This would solve everything: I’d just pay for my trip myself.  No advertisers to keep appease nor accounts receivable to maintain, and no broadcasters to be kept happy with their legal team approving every blog word and video frame.  Millionaire for Life

My New Haircut

It doesn’t fit in a ponytail, freaking.  It has always fit in a ponytail.  It’s so short at the back, gone really.  It takes 4 bobbypins instead to put it all up.february 13 2009

6″ Are Now Gone From My Hair

february 13 2009

TwestivalTO Tonight

It was held at Circa and was one of 175 Twestivals going on simultaneously around the world to raise money for chairty : water.  $10 000 was raised by the Toronto party.

I handed out my new business cards on which neither the email nor URL work.  It’s okay though because the font is too small for any normal human to be able to read anyway.  

Photojunkie was there, taking photos.  He’s a big deal, like he’s the winner of 3 Bloggies for “best CDN blog out there” and was 2007s runner-up for the same.  

And so for once I voluntarily went to have my photo taken.  Which he did of just me, and then with my new pal @modernmod too.  However, and no offense dude, I like mine better… because look, doesn’t he look so SouthPark-ish?

He then introduced to me April, who is at the middle of a controversy right now with some reporter guy.  I’d read about it that afternoon so it was cool to hear about it from the source. Not once did she say one bad thing about him, classy huh.  She mentioned Valleywag, then later again, so I stopped her:
Me: Woah wait, you were actually on ValleyWag?  I thought you were being dramatic.
April: Nope, front page and everything.
Me: Sick.

Then my friends surprised me by showing up and planting themselves in my peripherial vision.  It took me forever to see them, despite my keen spy skills.  We sat on these KidRobot chairs for a second then went and drank some beers eh, at the Horseshoe.   

february 12 2009

Been Trying

february 11 2009