On iChat Forever Tonight

Thomas and I met on Twitter, moved over to iChat and then proceeded to spend a retarded amount of time pretty much looking exactly like this.  

Okay so I needed help building my SquareSpace website and that’s what we’re doing here, and here. But doesn’t it sound so much more dramatic my first way? february 22 2009

8k Parkour Run Today

Here’s our route.  See, a lot of forest.  I haven’t spent that much time in nature in yearssss. Found a couple homeless people houses and some windchimes made from hard-drive parts that I should have taken a photo of.  

I wore snowpants and my Northface coat and boy was that a mistake; way overdressed. That’s the pants below on the right; I ripped them going over a fence; weird how stuff always rips into squares eh?  

february 22 2009

And the left are the guys dragging logs down to the river, and then 3 of them marched right into the water up to their waists to haul the logs all the way across for the rest of us to use to walk on.  

Seriously my lungs are killing.  Once I get fit I am never falling out of fitness again.  This is me driving home.

When Was the Last Time…

… you saw one of these?february 21 2009

I Want to Try This

from FailBlog.org  february 21 2009

Wore This Last Night

In the bar I happened into, someone gave me this.february 21 2009

I Have ‘ClipClop Fever’

Meet ClipClop:february 19 2009

He’s a honey-coloured MaltiPoo that comes along on my trip.  About twice a year I really really really want to get him.  It’s fun in my head for a few days… us together everywhere, him learning to slide around on my dash, he’s only 6 pounds grown.

But inevidably, everytime, it passes.  But I’ve never come so close.  Like, the ClipClop on the right actually exists

Re-fining My Website

february 19 2009

It’s gotta look something like this.


Can’t seem to get a handle on my new haircut.

february 18 2009


february 17 2009
Tonight there were movie-people trucks lined up around a downtown block.  No, thanks.  I love that all my equipment fits into a purse.  And besides, perfect is boring.

I’m Behind On My ‘Post-it Note To-do’ System

february 17 2009