Things From Today

february 27 2009
Look my new friend, that smiley guy.  I met a real life friend for a walk down Queen West and he was a gift.  That’s him on my desk there, amidst my Post-it note to-do system.  He rolls around all over because when I type I pound the crap out of my keyboard.

We went to Chippy’s for dinner and it’s amazingness.  And I don’t even really like fish.  

Then I tucked my new friend into my pocket and went to guard a dance at The Great Hall

Apologies for the Messiness of This Site

I don’t even know where to look and it’s mine.  How annoying for you that you’d come to see it and find it all ewww.  Thanks for checking in on me.  Please send good thoughts that I won’t have to port anything anywhere.february 27 2009

For a future date, here’s a screenshot of what I hope it will soon never again look like:

My Cab Driver is a Big Deal Artist

I was pretend working with Jody and realized I was gonna be late for my meeting so I hailed a cab.

Me: Sorry dude but I only have $10 on me so we can only go $8 far, plus tip.
Him: Oh don’t worry, I’ll get you there and you just give me the $10 regardless.
Me: That’s SO nice. february 26 2009

So off we go and we’re chatting and he tells me his name is Farhad and he was a renowned artist in Persia.  Like, some of his below works were displayed in their national museum, people would ask for his autograph, neat eh!  

The pottery peices are his specialty, and bottom right is a painting.  I guessed those were Arabiac words designed in but he said no, that’s the Persian language.  Farhad’s gonna have an art show soon so he said he’d email me when he does.  

A Random Coffee

You know when just coincidentally friends come togther unplanned and it’s awesome?  That happened today at Le Gourmand.

february 25 2009


february 25 2009

Oil Change Tonight

february 24 2009

Went to Canadian Tire, of course.  Guys were great… they found a loose bolt and I need to get special VW power steering fluid.  And when I handed it over to them it occurred to me it also needs a deeeeep clean.

I use Lubrico warranty and they’re great.  On your used car you get an oil change every 3 months or 5000km, send them a stamped piece of paper saying you did, and then they give you a new transmission if you need one.

Things From Today


– cool graffiti february 24 2009

– the watches in my Grandma and my HappyMeals’

– two monitors someone’d thrown out.  Was daydreaming what to do with them.  I’ve always enjoyed making stuff out of old computer components, have for years.  One day in an episode I’ll wear my Pentium pendant.

This is Haunting Me

A friend emailed me the below chart today.  I had no idea… like, those numbers are SO low.  
I’ve gone my whole life thinking that me walking around doing stuff all day equaled at least 1000 calories.  I may have found a correlation between my Big Mac habit and something else.

february 23 2009

I’ve Never Seen These Before

Green Peeps.february 23 2009

It’s A Favorite Time of Year

february 23 2009