Last Night at Work…

… I wore these:january 31 2009

so as not to touch the barf covering the drunk, out-of-control girl.

Security work is not always as glamourous as you think. 

Here, Take My Card

I’m SO pumped.  I’m gonna enter every single “put your card in this bowl to win here at this restaurant” contest I come across.

The text might be too small though, think I screwed up.  It’s not too dire, I had them done at Artik where 250 cards is $29; ask for Evan. january 30 2009

When Was the Last Time…

… you saw one of these?january 29 2009

Exploring the Toronto Star

I went to Canada’s highest-circulation newspaper printing plant this morning and guess what?  The place is run by robots, like the one above.  Guess what else?  When you get your paper you are only the second human to ever touch it, the first is the delivery person.  

I read up on the Atkinson Principles before going and the place reflected them, I thought.  Recently, internet stations around the plant were installed where they ready? didn’t restrict any sites.  The Star’s been in business for 117 years.january 28 2009

Probably the best part was how the papers travel by roller coaster.  The whole placed smells good like a Sharpie.  Thanks again for the tour, Mark.  And for the pen that lights up, too.

(quick aside: I read The Star online and find it interesting that consistently day after day horoscopes is always in the top 5 clicked things overall). 

Big snowstorm today:

Taken the Exact Moment I Hit ‘Send’

january 27 2009
My Discovery guy today sent me Jon’s email, the guy in charge of all things internet at CTV.  So using his name from the email I went through the switchboard, found him, and now we are booked for coffee this Thursday!

This all happened while waiting for Jody at Starbucks, who then helped me with my business card design… by deleting a lot of it.  

Jody: Do you really need your photo? 
Keri:  Ya, I’m like a real estate agent that way.
Jody: No.
Jody: Where’s your email?
Keri:  Woah, I totally forgot it.
Jody: It’s alright, they’ll just use your BB PIN here.
Us:    Cackle cackle. 

Might Be Stressed About My Website

Last night I dreamed that 3 people came into my apartment, glued my eyes shut and proceeded to steal my laptop, hard drives, all of it.  

While stumbling around blind trying to stop them I yelled, “Losers! I have all your cel numbers and I’m gonna triangulate you!”.january 25 2009

Exploring The PATH

Tonight I went on a scavenger hunt through The PATH organized by the Toronto Exploration Society .

The Eaton Company started The PATH back in 1900 and now the thing is 27km long, making the world’s largest underground complex. And today is the final day of the week-long “world’s largest underground sidewalk sale”.  

We had to find and photograph 30 different things in the fastest time possible.  Winner: 1.6 hours, me: double that.  I got lost, really.  Betcha I had more fun though.january 23 2009

Exploring Art with Eldon

Meet Eldon Garnet, an elite Canadian artist.  If you live in Toronto for sure you’ve passed by some of it, he makes giant stuff.  We’re at Bar-Italia (warning: music plays).

He’s also written 4 books, was the guy behind Impulse Magazine for 15 years, teaches at the OCAD and is a photographer as well.  I don’t much like his photographs though so can’t speak to that.

Thanks for a great lunch Eldon!  And like the screenshot I chose for below?  

Running dialogue collapse.

Me Today

january 22 2009


Just home from tobogganing. Took one on the chin, literally. It’s already bruising up nicely.january 21 2009