I am Canadian

december 9 2008

Taken moments after…

… I signed my name and created something I Tweeted about; I established ‘The Keri Foundation’ for when I die.

I don’t wanna talk much about it, but will tell you this:

The way it works is the total of my estate is put into an account that a company manages. Then, each year (hopefully in perpetuity) the earnings from said account are divided equally and sent to the two recipients I have named: 

1 – The C.N.I.B.  I cannot imagine going through life without seeing it.

2 – Veterans Affairs Canada  What I very specifically want is for the funds to go to helping those with PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  These people go and serve our country and in return get horrific moments and images burned into their brain and come home forever changed.  The nightmares alone must be hellish.

Now to fill up the Foundation with money.  

Here’s to this not becoming Failanthropy.december 8 2008

Exploring ‘BrickWorks’

I’m at Brickworks, a brick-making factory founded in 1889 and functional until the mid 1980s when the clay ran out.  Now Evergreen, a Canadian not-for-profit environmental organization, is restoring the place into a community destination.  

Above I call the group ‘The Explorers Group of Toronto’ but I’m wrong; it’s called ‘The Toronto Exploration Society‘ and they’re fun and interesting; come join us!december 7 2008 

Here’s more of Kevin’s photos, and thanks to motionblur for organizing.

Great Toronto Bar

This is the view and a beer’s $6.  The trick is to go when nothing’s on. Arriba Lounge.december 6 2008

Leaving Today

Okay so South Beach is a time warp.  That was 5 days?  As IF.

So much fun last night, gay clubs are the best eh ladies?!  Didn’t get to see much of either Hector or Ashraf though… they were working at the bar and the place was rammed; they were hanging from the rafters, literally.  I danced and danced and re-injured my ankle climbing a fence to get home.

I just realized I have no photos of either of them, oops, so below are their Facebook profile pics; Ashraf (left) I didn’t get to see enough this visit,  

december 5 2008
and Hector (right) kindly let me stay at his place.  The guy’s a killer; he can make me laugh very hard and we love penguins.  He has some of the best Facebook status updates I’ve seen: “in my next life I want to come back… as ME!”

We stayed up late a lot of nights talking, laughing, him teaching me how to walk with less stomp and more elegance.  And he suggested I become a bartender and you know, after hearing his points I see it’s an excellent idea and maybe I will.   

Going Out Dancing

With my new English friends, Andrew and Richard.  We’re en route to a club where Hector and Ashraf are working.
december 4 2008

If Vegetables Were To…

… show up at my door tasting and looking like this, I’d eat way more of them.december 4 2008

We’re Listening to Britney

As in the new album, ‘Circus’.  That’s right, it’s not yet been released here… this one’s bootlegged from England, ha.

I think the best song is “If You Seek Amy” and predict it’ll be the biggest single.
december 3 2008

Off To This Now

Congratulations, Tony xoxodecember 2 2008

Tony Picked Me Up At the Airport

We’ve been BFFs a long time, and often meet up to go see Ann-Margret.  We love her.  Tony’s been a fan for years and through him I was introduced to her.  Figuratively & literally; I’ve met her 3 times backstage and the last time she hugged me.  I couldn’t speak.  I can do the whole ‘Appreciation’ song and dance from ‘Viva Las Vegas’.

The last time we met up at the Mall of America and drove up to North Dakota to see her at Norsk Hostfest.  We had front row seats, waved to her and Tony gave her flowers.december 1 2008

Then we went back to our hotel which might be the worst place I’ve ever stayed.  When we first walked in Tony opened the window to get rid of the stank and the entire thing fell out of the wall. Once we were done laughing we went to buy towels and Lysol.  I used the entire can and slept in my clothes.