Oh, This is Scott

december 21 2008

After Shopping

We’re at Terroni.  Scott was quite taken with this photo I emailed around in the summer.  

So today he gave me something to make a holiday version of the aforementioned photo.december 21 2008

Things I Thought Tonight

I was in charge of the exit-here-to-smoke door at The Windsor Arms where Smirnoff threw a party.  It was a fun shift, just really a lot of happy people.  And what a beautiful hotel… the cop I was chatting with said their High Tea service is a must.

This job really makes you appreciate the little things.  You end up daydreaming about your next meal, a little ledge to put your foot up on makes you happy for your lower back, when someone smiles at you that keeps you going for like an hour… generally life is reduced to tiny things.  I like this.december 20 2008

And oh, one more thing.  A hotel employee walked by and called me “stoic”, and when I got home (after my Big Mac) and looked up the meaning, I decided that’s one of my best compliments in a while. Thanks, dude.


Forgot to tell you I met the coach of the Raptor’s on Saturday. Didn’t know till after though. He gave me some water and a coke; kind, eh?!

And it turns out he’s the first EVER Canadian to be an NBA Head Coach. Congratulations, Jaydecember 16 2008

Had the Time of My Life on iChat Tonight

december 14 2008

Dinner Tonight

A quick Big Mac Combo.  I’m standing at the counter and the guy next to me says:

Him – We’re bad eh?!december 14 2008
Me – Yup.  This is my third time here this week.
Him – This is my second time here, today! 

So then we ate together.  This is my new friend, Mike.  We talked about Deepak Chopra, the future of multinationals, and generally put the world to rights over some fries.

I Was Affected by Tonight’s Full Moon

Look what it did to my head.december 12 2008

A Collage from Work Today

I’m at the Tina Turner concert.  See that chair?  That’s me, 9 hours.  I wasn’t guarding so much as I was a “presence” (industry term, I did not make that up).december 12 2008

So I had a lot of time to daydream.  I also read an entire book, “Dirty Little Secrets of Buzz“, and if you are interested at all in marketing and online hustling, it’s terrific.  

Oh, and you know how I said David emailed me tonight?  On my walk home it struck me it was an auto-responder I was talking to, not a human.  Wow, Keri.


I’m half through David Seaman’s book “Dirty Secrets of Buzz”, sign up for his newsletter listed on page 83, and then he just wrote me back!december 12 2008

Me Today

december 10 2008